GrapeCollective: TablasCreek

A rather interesting article in today’s GrapeCollective:

in an interview of JasonHaas.
They have the Nation’s first “Certified Regenerative Organic Vnyd”. What’sThat?? It goes into some detail on what that means. You have to measure your
“soil health”, however the heck that is done. It requires that “animals be treated humanely and have room to express normal behavior and are provided shelter”.
There are apparently “five freedoms of animal welfare” that you are required to follow. Hmmmm…I wonder if they send folks out to your vnyd to interview
the farm animals to see if they’re contented? Sounds like the requirements are even more onerous than BioDynamic farming. The article doesn’t mention
if TCV is BioDynamic or not.
In Sept, DarrenDelmore from TCV is doing a SFW&CF dinner at Pig+Fig here in LosAlamos. Supposedly, we’re going to be getting some of the TCV Lamb Chops
for Laura to serve in the dinner. I can hardly wait to see if I can identify the PasoRobles terroir in the TCV lamb chops. Not sure how butchering these cute little
lammies fits in w/ “humane treatment of the farm animals”, though.
Anyway, a rather interesting article worth reading.