Grape Radio hits the big time

Well, kind of, but seems like a big deal to me: Flying home from NY on American Airlines, one of my choices to listen to was Grape Radio. How cool is that!

Very cool for Jay, Eric, Brian, Russ etc…

BTW how is Brian doing?

That’s fantastic!!! Bravo, guys!

I saw Brian last Wednesday at a tasting in OC. He was looking good! He’s lost a little weight but looks fit and healthy, and looks to be his rambunctious self!

That is great news! Wishing Brian the best! -mJ

I’ve been listening on DL for a long time.

Of course, that’s because it’s on my iPod. [wink.gif]

They’ve been on AA since February of 2008 – press release HERE.

I catch them on the computer and iPod though … [basic-smile.gif]

Should add, I’m really glad to hear that Brian is doing well. Hope to hear him back soon.


good to hear about Brian. Jay mentioned yesterday at Pinot Days that AA had a great percentage of their total audience.

Very cool. Congrats to Jay and his team!

Congrats to GR, and great to hear that Brian is doing so much better!

I think GrapeRadio sucks big time. The hosts know NOTHING about wine. All they do is sit around and talk to winemakers or do their STUPID videos. When will they learn that we need scores and reviews?

Coudn’t have said it better myself. [welldone.gif]

Yup. neener

Longtime Graperadio listener here. I was skeptical at first. Would it be any good? Oh my, there are so many great episodes in the archive. I’m especially impressed that topics I wouldn’t necessarily have thought would be interesting have been great. For example, Dom Ruinart. I have no connection to the wine, don’t have the cash to buy it, but really enjoyed listening. Now I need to see what new episodes are in my iTunes.

I would generally agree, GrapeRadio sucks …down wine, whenever offered!