Grange des Peres

Always been an under the radar favorite of mine. Had a 2016 last night, my first in a while, and it was just gorgeous. So I went onto Wine-Searcher to find a few more bottles. When did the price of this wine go up by 3 or 4 times? What did I miss?

Thanks, Andrew. Very sorry to hear that.

Yeah, very sad. Prices unfortunately skyrocketed immediately after

The precious few bottles I own are cherished treasures. A 2003 opened a few years ago was glorious. A sadness about Laurent Vaillé’s passing.

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Have a single 2006 left.

Drank through the last of mine a couple of years ago. So hard to source that I never replaced them. I can remember drinking every bottle. Always a stupendous wine.

There was a G de P offline organized by Brad Kane and Paul Jaouen 7 years ago and we tasted through a lot of them. I had none in my cellar but after having tasted it a few times, I wanted to attend. It was tough to find a bottle in the New York area but I got one. There might have been three bottles for sale in the entire state.

Grange des Peres (Rouge) Vertical 7/8 in NYC (spot filled) - Event Planner - Online or Offline - WineBerserkers. I might have filled that one slot. I think Bill Lawrence and Brad Trent were also there. The wines were excellent but we did a fair amount of infanticide. According to Kermit Lynch’s website, the wine is 40% Syrah, 40% Mourvèdre, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Counoise, which may explain why age is a plus.

CdeP is cast as the evil villain in Mondovino. But , in the end, they make rare wines of quality… Another way that docu skewed us all…

7/27/2020 - maxima wrote: 89 Points

Superbe nez, c’est dense et fragrant.
En bouche, pas mal de fruit, c’est extrait avec
un côté épicé et assez corsé. Les tannins sont assez
fins et La finale un brin sucrée. Il lui manque présentement
le côté viandeux et minéral des autres millésimes
bus selon mes souvenirs.
Dire que nous avons acheté des 2007 en 2011, 2012 pour environ 70$…les derniers millésimes sont entre 120$ et 150$!!!

Broad question: Does anyone usually wait X number of years before trying a bottle? I have a 2018 that I want to yolo and bring to a themed dinner, but if it flat out needs time, I’ll bring something else. Haha

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The Blanc is really singular. It has been spectacular. Cult for a long time


Drank a 1999 in July.

Much, much better than 1999 Chave which was drank in Chave’s cellars.

Yes, I believe “Rule of 15” works here. I drank my 2003 around 2019 and it was glorious. No extreme heat weather affectation either.

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