Goodfellow SIP sheet...updated 5/5/20

Goodfellow April 5th Quarantine Offer

Greetings Everyone,

We truly appreciate all of the support of this community over the past months (and years.) Whether it be tasting note or purchase, these boards make a difference in the success of terroir oriented wineries. As we move forward it has become clear, that more than ever, our future will rely on our community and on direct personal relationships. We wanted to update the offer, and also to put a little more focus on the wines that we view as our signature wines.

To order, please email me at: or call Megan at (503)347-6366

Thank you, and we hope you are staying well, wherever you are,

Marcus Goodfellow and Megan Joy

Offer No. 1: Whistling Ridge Heritage Vertical

The Goodfellow Heritage wines represent our best efforts to express the individual nature of each vineyard we work with. They should be wines both compelling in the early stages and yet still cellar worthy enough to evolve and grow over many years. I often say that they are post cards to my kids, wines for them to have a glass of long after I am gone. A way for me to think of them now, and for them to(hopefully) think of me later on. I also truly hope that these wines will continue to tell a beautiful story, of vineyards in a very special place. I hope that in 15-20 years, wine drinkers will take it as a given that the Willamette Valley produces wines every bit as unique and remarkable as regions in the old world. And that these wines will still be helping to establish that understanding.

We posted the Whistling Ridge vertical, and then about a week ago after a particularly long day pf prepping for bottling, I thought it would be good to see the Heritage wines from Whistling Ridge in a vertical. Opening them was absolutely lovely. We drank them over 4 nights, and each different night one of the bottles was ascendant. All showed the elegance and transparency of Whistling Ridge, and all showed it’s finest aspects despite remarkable vintage variation. It was as gratifying a tasting of our wines as I have had.

For those unfamiliar with Whistling Ridge, it is in the Ribbon Ridge AVA, a ridge top vineyard with shallow marine sedimentary soils, some small changes in aspect, a regular afternoon breeze, and is above Beaux Freres and Patricia Green’s estate vineyard. All three vineyards produce remarkable wines with hallmarks of structure, longevity, and grace. Being atop the ridge, Whistling Ridge is more wind affected, and also gets slightly less sun exposure, producing lighter bodied wines, with predominantly red fruits, good depth, bright acidity, and substantial structure.

The Offer: The Heritage Wines of Whistling Ridge Vineyard
2013 Heritage No. 2
2015 Heritage No. 4 (93 Vinous*)
2016 Heritage No. 7 (94 Vinous*)
2017 Heritage No. 10 (95 WA*)
2018 Heritage No. 12 (pre-release for Berserkers)

Retail: $350 Quarantine Relief: $265
Complimentary shipping

Offer No. 2: The New Chardonnay Sampler
The previous sampler was very popular, and it seems that 4 bottles just wasn’t enough for many people…

Our Chardonnays are considered to be some of the top white wines currently produced in the Willamette Valley. We’re dry farmed, and focus on conscientious choices in the vineyards. Whistling Ridge is a ridge-top planting on fast draining sedimentary soils. It sees considerable breeze. The confluence of climate, soils, and exposure produces fruit with electric qualities. Tension and a linear drive to the fruit. Durant is an east facing vineyard with deeper volcanic soils, mild breezes, and sees it’s sun earlier in the day. It produces fruit with more tranquil qualities, lithe rather than sinewy. Fruit is all handled similarly, picked at low Brix, pressed and settled with significant oxygen exposure and little to no sulfur. It’s racked to a selection of puncheons ranging between 500-860L, and ferments over 3-9 months. Malo is allowed to go through(and needs to, given our natural acidities) and the wine is on the gross lees for 18-21 months. We rack just prior to bottling. Our Chardonnays age well, and I tend to like them throughout their evolution rather than at a specific age.

2018 Willamette Valley-declassified Durant and Whistling Ridge fruit. Primarily fermented in neutral 820 liter foudre, along with some 500 liter puncheons as well. Under 300 cases in 2018, this is as serious a QPR as you can get.

2017 Ribbon Ridge-Declassified Whistling Ridge, this does see a bit of new oak, but is mineral driven, saline, with almond, citrus, wet stone, and smoke. 12.9% abv

2018 Dundee Hills-Declassified Durant fruit. White flowers, salt water, stones, hints of orchard fruits, and smoke.

2018 Whistling Ridge Vineyard-From two 600L puncheons. Seashells, almonds, saltwater, linen, lit match and lime skin. Lively but textured in the mouth. 12.1% abv

2018 Durant Vineyard-Layered and complex, with flinty notes, hazelnuts and nectarine. Excellent length, dense without weight, stony and savoury.

2018 Richard’s Cuvee, Whistling Ridge Chardonnay-more in the key of Meursault than the other 2018s. Saline, tranquil and contemplative. More almond, smoke, saline in nature. Quietly delicious. Limited in quantity.

Retail: $214 Quarantine Relief: $170/6-pack
plus complimentary shipping

Offer No. 3: 2017 vs. 2018 Vintage perspective
If you prefer a smaller quantity than a case just let us know, we’re always happy to customize an order for you.
Unquestionably two great vintages in the Willamette Valley. 2017 is restrained, savory, structured, built for aging, and distinctions of terroir are precisely etched in the wines. 2018 wines are medium bodied low alcohol, textural, with a central core of sappy fruit countered by bright, fresh acidity and fine tannins.
While the 2018 wine will age for a considerable length of time, it’s hard to imagine them in a dumb phase. Both vintages are modest in alcohol, and both illustrate their terroirs incredibly well. With the recent Wine Advocate reviews on the 2017 vintage posting, I opted to include the scores for anyone interested in them. 2018 hasn’t been reviewed, but it’s every bit the vintage 2017 is. For questions about any of the wines, please email me at

2017 Ribbon Ridge Chardonnay, Ribbon Ridge AVA (not reviewed, but so delicious)
2017 Whistling Ridge Vineyard , Ribbon Ridge AVA, Pinot Noir (WA 92)
2017 Temperance Hill Vineyard, Eola-Amity Hills AVA, Pinot Noir (WA 93)
2017 House Block, Whistling Ridge Vineyard, Ribbon Ridge AVA, Pinot Noir (WA 94)
2017 Durant Vineyard, Dundee Hills AVA, Pinot Noir (WA 93)
2017 Heritage #10, Whistling Ridge Vineyard, Ribbon Ridge AVA Pinot Noir (WA 95)

2018 Whistling Ridge Field Blend Ribbon Ridge AVA
2018 Whistling Ridge Chardonnay Ribbon Ridge AVA
2018 Whistling Ridge Pinot Noir Ribbon Ridge AVA
2018 Temperance Hill Pinot Noir Eola-Amity Hills AVA
2018 Old Vine Pommard, Lewman Vineyard Eola-Amity Hills AVA Berserker Pre-release
2018 Heritage #12, Whistling Ridge Vineyard Ribbon Ridge AVA Berserker Pre-release

2017 vs. 2018 Goodfellow Sampler case: Retail $560 Quarantine Relief $430 Plus complimentary shipping

Offer #4: QPR (Quarantine Price Reduction) choices

The following wines are some options for filling out cases, or just filling up cases. All are delicious, some especially so. All are wines at a price low enough that we can’t offer free shipping. But, we can offer to ship then to you at $25/box, and if you purchase one of the other offers, please feel free to fill out a case from these wines and we’ll still honor the complimentary shipping on the box.

2017 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir-this is a savory vintage, resulting in a serious savory wine. Low alcohol, light on it’s feet, complex enough to warrant your attention(and good glassware), and a great deal. Normally $25 QPR: $20

2017 Clover Pinot Gris-so far from your average Pinot Gris it’s not funny. From Whistling Ridge fruit. Aged on the lees in two 820L Acacia puncheons for 18 months. Don’t miss this because you don’t like crappy mass produced Pinot Gris. Normally $22 QPR: $17

2018 Willamette Valley Chardonnay-100% declassified fruit from Durant and Whistling Ridge. Aged the same 18 months as the single vineyards. Normally $25 QPR: $20

2013 Matello Fool’s Journey Syrah/Viognier-this wine is just a must try, if you like lighter bodied reds. (Syrah? Lighter bodied? Yes. We had rain in 2013, and while this hung through like a champ and we picked a month after the rain, it was cold and dry after the rain and sugars in this fruit moved only a little. Flavors definitely kept evolving though. Black pepper, mulberry, layers of spice and forest floor, some red fruits and great texture and balance. Think Baudry makes a Syrah in the Loire Valley. Normally $25 QPR: $20

If you have any questions, please let us know. And if there’s a wine not on the menu, please ask, we may be able to find it.

Best regards,

Marcus and Megan

Ok now I don’t feel so bad with only 16 or so bottlings…

I know Vincent and this is just the spring release. :slight_smile: Both of you guys are guilty of making too many lovely wines. I have to get a spreadsheet out and plan purchases and cross reference against whats in the cellar. 1st world problems… Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy…

My CC is going to be smoking after quarantine.


But wine spreadsheets are fun right?!?

Just emailed you for a case of the 2018 Richard’s Cuvée. Drinking a 2016 Durant right now, which is fantastic. Keep up the good work!

In for something just not sure what yet!

Marcus, I just enjoyed your 2016 Heritage #7. Thank you.

That is great to hear! I was thinking about you earlier. Good luck and stay healthy!

Drank a few glasses of a 2016 Durant PN last night - it did not suck. Will check on the rest tonight.

I’ll be placing an order, but you’re killing us with all of these sites!

Order in. It was hard to get down to 4 cases. So much goodness in there…



My wife’s favorite producer period. We drink through a lot of the appellation wines young while cellaring the SVD’s.

#1 producer by volume in my cellar.


Just looked at your CT, no kidding!

I still don’t know how I’m supposed to choose here either! Maybe I just need 4 cases too :slight_smile:

In for two cases - email sent and spoke with Megan. Thanks Marcus!

working through a bottle of 2016 Whistling ridge last night and tonight… wow wine!

Will be in for some of these ASAP. some of the top pinot and chard anywhere

Yes that 16 was my gateway drug. In


does-not-suck is the bar we strive for!

Thank you!

I love all the vineyards we work with, but Whistling Ridge is the one that I couldn’t give up.

It’s not common for all of the vintages of that vineyard to be showing well, but I kind of think that next Berserker Day there may be an alignment where 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17(this might be wishful thinking), and 18 are all showing well…hmm.