Goodfellow Family Cellars/Matello

I know there’s a ton of ground to cover today so here is the short version.

My first love in wine was Europe, but as an Oregon native and dedicated to the traditional craft of winegrowing I have always desired to see wines from Oregon terroirs produced with a dedication to classic European weight, structure, and acidity.

I work exclusively with dry farmed(no irrigation) vineyards, older vines, that express a unique nature in the fruit.

I view winegrowing as being similar to tango, with the vineyard as the lead and the producer matching themselves to the pace and movement of the vineyard. My wines focus on the nature of the vineyard first but my philosophy is focused on the idea that a responsible winegrower must be both a poet and a mechanic. That tradition is an experiment that worked, and that in Oregon we must continue to experiment but tradition is the best place to learn.

Most common WB descriptor of my wines: Some patience required

If you are a fan of:
Domaine Faury or Alain Graillot
Chandon de Briailles, Dom. De l’Arlot, or Ghislaine Barthod
Carillon or Mikulski
Vie de Romans or Schloss Gobelsburg

These are the footsteps I seek to follow in. (My humility is in check, but one never scales a mountain one does not aspire to climb)

WBer references: Jim Anderson, Todd Hamina, Rich Trimpi, Corey Novick, Ton Felthoven, Scott Tallman and Bob Hughes.

The stats:
Established: 2002
Case production: 3500-4000(typically)
Region: Northern Willamette Vallley
AVAs: Ribbon Ridge, Dundee Hills, Yamhill Carlton
Varietals: Pinot Noir 50%, Chardonnay 16%, Pinot Gris 20%, Syrah(Willamette Valley-see Wine & Spirits upcoming issue) 6%, alternative whites 8%.

Red wines: native yeast, significant whole cluster, no cold soaks, no enzymes, French oak but mostly 500L puncheons, 18-21 months, racked only before bottling

Marcus is being too humble. If you haven’t tasted, his wines are excellent across the board.
I rarely drink Chardonnay and never buy it, but after tasting his 2013 Whistling Ridge “Richard’s Cuvee” this past summer I ordered a 6 pack of it.

The Matello Whistling Ridge white field blend is indeed like crack - one taste and you’re addicted.

His PNs are soft-spoken and restrained and the Deux Vert Syrah is absolutely beautiful.

At any price his wines would be excellent, but at what he charges they are absolutely phenomenal QPR.


Another “plug” for Marcus. His wines are really, really good. Low alcohol, beautifully perfumed and built to age.

If you like what Oregon has to offer, these wines are a can’t miss. If you aren’t sure about Oregon, then you’re in for a special treat.

A bit OT, but Marcus is also a great human being.

Can’t say it better than Joe and Corey.

Will be buying again this year!

Marcus - Are there any states to which you can not ship?

I have enjoyed the few bottles of Matello (Lazarus and Hommage) I have tried. Look forward to trying your wines under the Goodfellow label soon.

We’re restricted from Utah and Delaware. I believe we can arrange shipping to the rest.

I’ve tasted four or five times with Marcus in the last couple of years the wines are outstanding. His pinot gris has a depth that I rarely find. His wines are fun to watch evolve.

Crap, do I have to do this too? I only like one liners.

Are you a newbie :wink:

Nah, don’t want Marcus’s melon to get too swollen…or see a big price increase! [wink.gif]


Too late…my melon got so big I am sleeping in the garage until I can get our doors widened to accommodate. No price increase though…