Good, well-priced 'transitional' Chardonnay for the Rombauer crowd?

Yes, Jen is among the panty-dropper/cougarjuice Rombauer crowd, and 1) I can’t stand it, and 2) the current vintage - 2010 - is terrible and disjointed. Fortunately, that means no pressure to buy Rombauer this vintage, but that will likely be short-lived.

The Kendall-Jackson Grand Reserve tasting note got me thinking, as I’ve often passed that at Costco and wondered if it would be an acceptable substitute at a more everyday price.

I prefer acidity, crispness, and complexity, and she prefers what she terms ‘full-bodied, buttery’ Chardonnay, also known as Rombauer. One semi-halfway point we’ve found is Ferrari-Carano Chardonnay, which has the oak she loves to taste, and has enough acidity and complexity for me to have the oak hidden to some degree.

What other options are out there for a Chardonnay that should work well as a middle ground for us? She’s not a fan of drinking half a bottle then corking it and drinking it the next day - she doesn’t like secondary notes, most often, and the wines she likes typically aren’t made to be open for a long period of time.

What price range do you have in mind?

Sanford makes a broadly-appealing Chardonnay that could cross over between the wine enthusiast and the civilian, and it sells (sometimes at Costco) in the mid teens. I’m pretty confident it won’t gross you out in a butterscotch/oak/popcorn kind of way.

Going up a small step in price, the Fountain Valley Costco last week had Gary Farrell Chardonnay Carneros Selection 2008 for $21, and I picked up a bottle and it was quite good, and also I think in a style that straddles your two preferences somewhat. Though the RRV chardonnay from Gary Farrell is better, and then the SVD ones are better still, all somewhat in that middle-ground style.

How about the Wente or Concannon wines? When I was in retail we’d often get people buying a case of each, instead of Rombauer.

I haven’t had Sanford in years. Sine Ferrari-Carano is about $17-18, I’d love something in the lower teens. I’ll check Wente and Concannon

Mer Soleil?
Chateau St. Jean Robert Young?

See the first post in the thread, ace? neener

I can’t read ingleesh too well.

So, out of everything else I wrote, you choose to focus on the “negative”? Didn’t know I was dealing with my wife here. [whistle.gif]

Does she read this BB? neener

Perhaps you just bring it out in people, amigo.

How about La Crema Sonoma Coast. Likely in stock at a Costco near you.
I think it can deliver something for each of you.

By the way, can you expand on the phrase “panty-dropper/cougarjuice Rombauer crowd?”
I am not sure what that means. Is that part of the “99 bottles of wine” crowd?

Patz and Hall Dutton Ranch was pretty close to the middle. The Loring Sierra Mar Chard sound like what you are looking for, though I haven’t tried it personally. I agree with Jorge, the Mer Soleil might be right for you.

I’d look to Australia for a value wine in that category.

Rombauer is known as ‘the panty dropper’ and/or ‘cougarjuice’, as it is highly desired by nearly every 20-50 year old woman alive. Bring a bottle to a party of women in that age group who are NOT wine geeks like us. Test the theory.

I have had good luck serving the local Pinot Grigio brigade Starmont Chardonnay, which seems to offer that tradeoff you are looking for and is $15 or so at Costco.

Patz and Hall Dutton Ranch is even MORE expensive than Rombauer! I’m looking more for the $10-15 range, if possible.

Yes, i missed your response on what “well priced” meant. P&H and Loring are above that. Even the Mer Soleil is above $20.

Annabella Chardonnay

The last time I had Columbia Crest Grand Estates it was an oaky mess, which means it will probably fit right into your parameters. The price is right, too.

It would fit in HER parameters, but I was hoping for another option like Ferrari-Carano, which runs the middle ground for us both. My hope is that eventually the Rombauer-esque wines will become less desirable to her, and we can drink REAL Chardonnay together - stuff that tastes like Chardonnay grapes, not oak juice flirtysmile

Our forum leader wants the name of a chardonnay in the low teens that balances between buttery oaked wine and one with more minerals and acidity. Today we have a similar debate over this. Anyone know what this is? Class? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone seen this before? The Rombauer Curve. Anyone know what this says? This is very controversial. Does anyone know the name of a good chardonnay that balances between the oak, buttery, reamy Rombauer style and a crisp, steel-like mineral laced Chablis, all at a price point in the teens? Anyone? Buehler? Buehler Reserve? Buehler Reserve Russian River Chardonnay? Anyone?