Good value sweet wines

My MIL is coming to visit for several weeks. Lovely woman (huge help with the kids) but usually drinks Barefoot Muscat or Beringer White Zin. I like sweet wine, and in the past I’ve popped decent sweet rieslings from Prum or Donnhoff, but these tend to be a bit pricier than I’d prefer.

So, can anyone recommend:

  • a wine we’d consider sweet
    -$20 or under
  • reasonably available in the US
    -Tasty and will cellar for at least a couple of years

Basically looking for something we can share and if my MIL leaves a half bottle we don’t pour it out.

Thanks all!

Chateau St. Michelle Riesling


The fingerlakes are a treasure trove of good value, that are worth enjoying… Ch Lafayette Reneau has a good Semi-Dry riesling that fits the bill, Kemmeter wines are a little over $20, but exceptional rieslings that are really well balanced. Boundary Breaks tends a bit weightier with their sugar levels than I love, but they are also really great rieslings! Leidenfrost has a really nice Gewurztraminer and a semi-dry riesling. All of these are great values (assuming they can ship to you) - and a little under the radar. You should try some of the drier styles for yourself while you are at it - there’s also a host of fun varieties out there - Gruner, Rkatselli, Lemberger, Teroldego, etc. Could go with a favorites of other regions, but Upstate NY is a gold mine for sub $20 off dry wines.


Muscat of Samos

Dr L Riesling. $10.


Is this tasty? Good acidity? Know absolutely nothing about this producer , but looks like several stores that ship to MD carry it.

Thanks - these are great ideas. Any specific thoughts on cuvées for boundary breaks? The boundary breaks that I’m seeing on wine searcher all say dry and look to have high abv.

For the Lafayette Renault, how sweet is semi-dry? Is it noticeably sweet?

Moscato d’Asti might be something to consider. Michele Chiarlo’s is widely available in my region, but pretty much anything that makes it to the US tends to be good.

Would also concur with the suggestion for the CsM Riesling, and that should be also well distributed.


For $25, could get your hands on some decent Donnhoff Riesling.

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Doisy-Vedrines Petit-Vedrines. These are 375s under $20 and a fantastic value at that.

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Von Winning Winnings. It’s a feinherb, but should be sweet enough if she likes white Zin. Wine Anthology shows it for $16 (the '20). Pleasant apertif if you plan to drink it as well.

Stein Weihwasser. Lighter style feinherb but better, IMO, than the already decent Winnings. $18 at All Star, again the '20.

Kurt Darting Durkheimer Halbtrocken. Like $16 a liter and actually a solid feinherb.

Hexamer Quarzit.

I think these are all really decent, widely available, and well under $20. None are the most complex but all are really well made and good apertif wines. Solid steps up from the Dr. L level for hardly any more money.


“Under $30” would be an easy ask. “Under $20” is a lot harder.

I’d search around for Kabinett Riesling and Sauternes in 375 mL.

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What Donnhoff cuvée is sweet? They make great $20-25 wines but these are all dry / off dry. Not an expert, just genuinely curious.

Was about to say that I had a 2020 Selbach-Oster Kabinett a few weeks ago that was right around $21, as a matter of fact.

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Yep. Between $20 and $30, there is an ocean of Sauternes, Barsac, and Riesling ready to be had. Below $20, they nearly all disappear.

Their Oberhauser Leistenberg Kabinett is an annual purchase for me. Pretty sure that one is still sub-$30.


The regular Donnhoff “Riesling” is basically a fuller kabinett style, IMO. It can be found under $20. The Kreutznacher Krotenpful can be had for about $25. So can the Klamm. The Oberhauser 2021 is showing at $22 from Spectrum.

Unless by “sweet” you are meaning Spatlese or higher.

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Very tasty acidity is balanced rather than pronounced. In Ontario priced around $20 per 500ml. depending. It’s an excellent QPR

I assumed your $20 was in US for full bottle, not halves. If $20:US per half then some of the other pricier suggestions here might have more finesse.

Vietti’s Moscato is spotty, but, if you can find it, a great option.

If they still make Eroica that was always decent for the category.

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