Good news for Kentucky Consumers

I just got an e-mail from WTSO stating that they are now able to ship to Kentucky again!

Alyssa Hughes (WTSO)
Apr 14, 2021, 10:50 AM EDT

Good Afternoon,

I hope you’re well! Thank you for being apart of the WTSO family. It looks as though we have some orders on hold in our warehouse for you that have a shipping address in Kentucky. We haven’t been able to ship to Kentucky for quite some time, but we are officially able to now! We just wanted to make you aware, so if you would like your held orders shipped to your Kentucky address, please let us know! Additionally, going forward we are required to charge a 6% sales tax when shipping to Kentucky. We will not be charging that tax on the orders we have held for you, but we just wanted to make you aware! We look forward to hearing from you.

WTSO Customer Service

I won’t have to drive to Cincinnati anymore to pick up those orders. I wonder if other retailers will follow suit.

For the record, the state law was officially changed in May of last year. I would guess I have received approx 75 cases since then, including dN from both UPS and Fed Ex. Speaking for my area of Louisville, UPS is significantly better than Fed Ex!

My understanding of that law change was that it applied to Wineries but not to retail stores. Certainly, WTSO is the first retailer I’ve heard of who is able to ship here now. If you know of other retailers who do, please post them here.

Edit: If it turns out that there are some who do, it might be worth its own thread, so we can keep an updated list.

Winery shipping to “dry” communities in KY is still prohibited.

From what I’ve read, shipments should come direct from the wineries, blocking out fulfillment shippers with appropriate licenses. However, our fulfillment shipper has advised that we can begin shipping to KY. Now if we can get MI in line!

Domestic wineries can ship (domestic wine) directly to consumers in MI with a MI Direct Wine Shipper license

KY’s new rule appears to mimic this. Theoretically, it shuts out retailers riding fulfillment shipper licenses. Why our partner is yes to KY and no to MI is unclear to me.

It’s funny that you had to drive to Ohio to get an order, KY used to be the more lax state. Back when I lived in KY the Ohioans would drive just across the river to the mega-liquor stores to stock up. Each bridge seemed to have one right off the first exit!

All these distribution laws are so stupid.