Good deals on Red Burg?

2011 Quivy Chapelle-Chambertin Grand Cru $120
2012 Pierre Amiot Clos de Beze $150
2015 Bruno Clair Clos St-Jacques- $236
2012 Jean-Jacques Confuron Romanee-St. Vivant $200

All straight retail (no exchanges)

If anything, then
2012 Jean-Jacques Confuron Romanee-St. Vivant $200

Didn´t know that Amiot makes a Clos de Beze … isn´t this Clos de la Roche ???
Then also YES !
(Beze would be a negociant wine ???)

you are correct the Amiot is supposed to be Gelin.

Jj rsv is a steal at 200. I’d get some at that price!!

Let’s meet behind the dumpster.

”Buyer accepts risk.”

I have not had any of these wines. However, I have some thoughts (I am a Berserker after all). I very much liked a 2010 Quivy GC Combottes I tasted in a store a few years ago and bought some. But, I would be nervous buying a 2011 of a producer I have not tasted that often because it is an uneven vintage.

I have not had any wines from Amiot, but a couple of friends tasted through Amiot wines a couple of months ago (not sure the vintages) and really liked them.

Had a 2002 Confuron RSV that was fabulous. The price on this one seems like a steal.