Good bottle shops in Beaujolais, Burgundy, Jura, and Lyon?

I’ll have a car and will hopefully be traveling through Lyon, Beaujolais, Burgundy, and Jura in the near future. Other than “visit every bottle shop you see”, does anyone have any strong recommendations for bottle shops that won’t charge international secondary pricing?

In Lyon, check out Recoltant Manipulant:

Place Sathonay /
1 rue Hippolyte Flandrin
69001 Lyon

Myriam is super nice, and has a (obvious) huge passion for grower Champagne. She also has a good selection of Beaujolais and Chablis. It’s not a huge shop, but a very nice selection.

Geoff, not sure if you’ve already made this fantastic voyage, but if not, in Dijon there’s Au Vieux Millesime, Ludo does a fantastic job.

In the Jura in Arbois there’s Les Jardins de Saint Vincent – very well curated.

If you will be going to Poligny in Jura, there’s Epicurea in the town square for well-chosen wines from all over France and excellent local cheeses.

One of the best.

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In Lyon, go to Antic Wines. Not the cheapest but large selection and old vintages. And of course Malleval. Prices have escalated recently on rare bottles but prices on Rhône wines are good. Large choice there as well.
Ditto on le Caveau de Chassagne, actually you can check the other “Caveau de …” as well (NSG, …)



5, Place Marey
tel: +33 (0)3 8022 7704

I’ve been there twice, excellent results both times. Note that some wines are stored off-site and you want to plan ahead. Website in French and English with inventory updated weekly. Very fair pricing. The woman who runs it speaks some English. A store for wine geeks, not trophy hunters.

Dan Kravitz

PS: I think they are open by appointment, although IIRC I walked up the first time and was admitted.

Dan Kravitz