Golf balls free to good home, SF Bay Area only

We are cleaning out our garage and I have a large set of golf balls that I would like to give away. Many are new in box but they are > 15 years old and have spent their life in the garage so I’m not sure of their quality. There is also a bucket of shag balls in various conditions. Among the unused balls are some interesting things like Dunlop 65 British balls (I think they are the old British size - we used to play these in Europe). I believe there are more than 200 balls in all. I don’t think anything is gutta percha :slight_smile:

There are also a good number of unused tees (hundreds, I think) and some gloves.

The only conditions are that you must take the whole lot, and it must be a local handoff. We’re in Los Gatos.

So that this is wine related, you can trade me a daily drinker for the lot, or not.

Very cool and very kind offer Craig. If I lived close I would take you up on the offer.

There are some vintage golf enthusiasts that play with hickories (and sometimes dress the part) that love using the older balls as well. Not sure if there is a vintage golf association or the like in your area, but may be an appreciated contribution!


Below Wine Searcher low?

I had to clear my history after typing in “ball searcher.”

Craig have these been spoken for? If not…

Andrew is taking them, but you can haggle with him :slight_smile: