Going to Nova Scotia, Camden, PEI—need restaurants.

going to Maine and Nova Scotia. Need restaurants in Camden, Maine; Charlottetown, PEI; Halifax, Nova Scotia. Thanks.


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Add Camden and PEI to the title. PM Kravitz


I’ve posted recently, Natalie’s is as good as it should be for Relais & Chateaux and priced accordingly. Frannie’s Bistro is excellent. Fresh & Company might be even a little better. Sorry, I cannot recommend Hartstone Inn. Long Grain is the laid-back, excellent Thai you want when you just want good grub with no adjectives. French & Brawn is your grocery. Lily, Lupine and Fern is your wine store, although if you want 1 stop shopping, French and Brawn is also a good wine store, LLF a little better and geekier.

Less than 10 miles from Camden. Go to Primo! I mean it. This is a world class restaurant if you can get in. In Good Company is also excellent and has a terrific wine program, but it’s not in the same league as Primo (few places are; few places can aspire to be). Ada’s Kitchen is fine uncomplicated Italian.

Can’t help with PEI or Nova Scotia, sorry.

Have a great trip.

Dan Kravitz

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Dan recommended Primo to us when we were in his neighborhood a few weeks ago. It is every bit as good Dan says. Frannie’s is also great (another one of Dan’s recs). We ate at the bar and BS’d with the owner for a spell after the dinner rush was over. She’s a lot of fun. Another good place to eat lunch downtown Camden is Blaze. It was much better than we were expecting when we popped in to just have a beer and then decided to get some sides… And if you like beer, they have several porters and stouts that I found to be outstanding.

For Halifax, try The Bicycle Thief; it’s at Bishop’s Landing which is a nice walk from Historic Properties (which also has lots of pubs and the Maritime Museum). It’s a cute little Italian restaurant and nearby there is Bishop’s Cellar, a private wine store, and a little place that sells Rum cakes. Da Maurizio is also good. For seafood try either The Five Fishermen or McKelvies. Bar Kismet is the only NS restaurant to make it into “Canada’s 100 Best” but I haven’t eaten there myself. Also, don’t forget to try a donair, the ultimate NS street food.

There’s always lobstah and fried scallops. Never had a memorable meal in the Maritimes. Why Camden though? Are you driving, or boating? It seems a bit out of the way to get to Canada.