Going to Napa

Any pointers on where to stay, wineries to check out, places to eat? Thanks for any input!

Hey Jeff, a couple things. One, it will help if you can tell us what kind of wines you tend to like (reds vs whites, modern vs more “old school”, etc), and what kind of experiences you’re looking for (small wineries, large estates, etc).

Also, I’m currently planning a trip as well. I’ve found the search function really helpful for this. There’s some great threads out there from those who have taken trips previously!

Well, DUH… Didnt even think about what type of wines. lol…sorry about that. Ill search it out as well. Im a Red guy. More modern.

List of the places Im going to check out.


Depending on how the schedule works out I have room for 1 or 2 more. If you guys have others you think are must see, or different then what I have on my list so far I would really love to hear your thoughts.

Who, if anyone, are you traveling with?

One other, can I ask why it matters who?

Wife, kids, dogs, etc. Some restrictions, some places very kid friendly, animal friendly, etc.

Not going recommend a romantic inn if you are going with your sister or your child or your mother.

If going with kids - I’d stay somewhere south part of the valley (Napa town) - Marriott comes to mind as a good place to stay. It’s a pretty short drive to Six Flags (Vallejo) - if you have to “compensate” your kids for all the winery stuff…
I know I may get angry remarks here - but the Castello di Amorosa is actually a great destination to go with kids. It’s an actual castle which is pretty cool for kids and they are very kid friendly.
Not sure of the age of your kids but they even have dungeon tours etc.

That’s my 2 cents.

Makes sense! lol… Im going with my GF, no kids.

Jeff, as a general rule, if you ask for advice on a forum such as this, the more information you can provide the better will be the result in terms of suggestions.

My wife and I really liked the Wine Country Inn. Nice place, location, and good reviews on the Internet.

In terms of wine, although you are a “red” guy, consider going to Schramsberg. They do make reds but do think the tour/sparklers are somewhat unique for the area. IMO need a little variety in terms of visits and tastings.

Enjoy the trip!!

The Andaz in downtown Napa is really nice. Part of the Hyatt cain. We really enjoyed ladt time we were there. You can walk to a few good restaurants. Close drive to many wineries.

Westin Verasa and Andaz for lodging.