Glasvin Obsession vs Zalto Burgundy. YMMV

Decided to test the two glasses mentioned to see which if either I preferred. I used a young, rather effusive wine; the 2019 La Ca Nova Montestefano barbaresco. 2 hour decant.

First of all, there were no losers. Both glasses showed the wine off wonderfully. But there were marked differences.

The Zalto seemed to concentrate the wine on both nose and palate. The barbaresco gained weight, perhaps a bit of concentration with the Zalto.

The GlasVin glass was all about lightness and purity. The elements were easier to single out and the wine itself seemed a bit more lithe on the palate. Ultimately I think that for this particular wine, the Obsession was the more enjoyable glass, but it could easily be otherwise for someone else.

Just for kicks we tried a 1996 Pichon Lalande that I had standing up. 2 hour decant as well. While the personality of the glass didn’t change, my preference for the wine/glass pairing did a bit. So there you go. Hope that was helpful! I would really like to try the Conterno glass side by side with the GlasVin glass. We used the Conterno glass when we visited with Roberto Conterno in the fall and I thought they were great. My guess is that they are pretty similar to the Exuberance.


The Glasvin Obsession is pretty similar to the Conterno Sensory glass. I have both of them but not with me right now, I’ll have to do a proper comparison soon. My impression is the Glasvin Obsession is rounder at the bottom (the Sensory has a relatively flat bowl), and the Glasvin is a bit larger I believe. Or at least, when I’ve used it it feels larger than the Sensory. They are both good glasses. I love the sensory and use that as my standard glass, but have bought some glasvin obsession because I want to have enough glasses for large events and the Glasvin is ~1/2 the price of Sensory while being quite similar.

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How does a glass concentrate the wine on your palate, after it has already exited the glass?


Im sure it was simply the continuation of the initial perception. I didn’t smell the wine then put it down. I smelled the wine and took a sip. I don’t think it physically concentrated the wine. Are you asking that?