Glasses for Sauternes & similar

Anyone have an opinion about the Riedel Vinum XL Aquavit glasses for after dinner sweet wines (primarily Sauternes)?

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Anyone have others they like? I find I like a lot of these type glasses, but none have just hit me as a must-have. I like these particular ones because they have a slight contemporary bent, although they aren’t technically Sauternes glasses. Does that even matter?


I have a few of the Riedel Sauternes glasses and I really like them. I drink a few bottles of Sauternes each year and got a good deal on them so they were worth it to me. They have a great shape that, even if the glass doesn’t matter, is sure fun to drink out of. I am not likely to pay the $70+ going rate for them.

they aren’t technically Sauternes glasses. Does that even matter?


Some people believe it does.

I use Riedel Port wines. A few years ago some place was selling them for $5 per stem. Many people on eBob got in on the deal.

The Sommelier Sauternes is my favorite glass.

No affiliation with Amazon (you can find it cheaper elsewhere), but here is a good photo of the glass:" onclick=";return false;

I think I have those Aquavit glasses – I have thistle shapes that look just like them.

They are too small for Sauternes. Sauternes has a rich bouquet, you won’t experience that out of a thimble.

The small glasses are good for icy Vodka, or certain “cordials” where you only want a few sips. Some of the bitter digestifs would be good.

If you buy Sauternes glasses, do it right.


Try the vinum extreme icewine glasses - I’ve consistently found them to be superb for sauternes." onclick=";return false;

make it 3

It’s French, right?

Dixie cups? [wink.gif]

I’ll second those who said to go with the Riedel Sommelier Sauterne glass. This is definitely one of the better performing glasses that Riedel makes and my second favorite after the Sommelier Vintage Champagne. It is like drinking from air the glass is so light and well weighted and the bend at the top of the glass really helps focus the aromas. I also use this glass for Rieslings (ausleses especially).

If it´s a high quality aged Sauternes I would still stick to Riedel Vinum Chianti …
If it´s younger dessert wine I like the INAO-glasses whch I also use for Malt and Cognac …

I think the Riedel Sauternes glass is one of the prettiest around. But I don’t find it does much for Sauternes. I actually like the Riedel Tempranillo glass better.

I’ll only add that I do like the Sauternes Somm stems—I find that they do make a difference, though not an order-of-magnitude difference. A beetch to clean, though, I’ve already broken one and so has a friend…just so bloody delicate…