Giacosa, Ponelle and Diamond Creek: it was an excellent lunch.

The first two, decanted at home, spent an hour in the decanter, and then put back in original bottle. Then off to Morini on the Upper East side for an excellent lunch.

Giacosa Barbaresco 1990 Reserve:
This is a blend of several vineyards. Still crimson, earth and rose petals. it is a solid wine rather than brilliant. Very complex, trailing acidity in the finish, but at its best with the food. 92

Clemente Barbaresco 1978
At first unimpressive, a little plummy, and a sort of scorched flavor. Both of these disappeared over the next hour, and at the end, to everybody’s surprise it was preferred by all to the Giacosa. Dark fruit, licorice, mocha and mineral 93

Ponelle Bonnes Mares 1964

The moment we poured the scent of magnificent mature Burgundy filled the room. Wine of the day. Gorgeous perfumed fruit, smoke, spices and a strong floral element; elegant with tremendous impact but lightness on the palate. It had a good finish; this would have gone into the high nineties had the finish gone on a touch longer 96

Margaux 1966
Confirmed that Margaux was going through a rather difficult period. Thin and little to counter the acidity. NS

Back up bottle
Diamond Creek Volcanic Hill 1979
Can’t say I have ever had a 1979 California Cabernet before, but based on this bottle, will be watching out for them. Seriously old fashioned Cab. Color was still dark crimson, wine showed a purity of fruit predominantly cassis infused by herbs. Powerful, good length, and still incredibly young. easy to like 94.

Those old Ponelle wines can be really good. Glad it showed well for you Mark.

Love the old Diamond Creek wines. Is anyone making California Cab like that anymore?

1978 was so great in Napa the following vintage never really got the spotlight. Thru many wines in vertical tastings you will prefer the 78, but the margin will be smaller than anticipated.

Nice lunch!

Jeremy seek out 1979 Heitz Martha’s Vineyard it is probably still outstanding as well.

OK, I am living vicariously through you today! [cheers.gif]

Diamond Creek may be the pinnacle of Cali cab.

I had a few of those older vintages of Ponnelle and every bottle was good.

I had a 1947 Ponelle Musigny maybe ten years ago, when I was in the UK. Fresh and magnificent. It was certainly one of my top five wines.

78 Ponnelle Amoureuses in 375 format was wonderful long ago. Sounds like your Ponnelle was fine also.