getting to and from dinner in napa-taxis?

my hotel says the only taxis come from the city of napa so even getting from hotel to restaurant in the same town is $50!
is this auberge just making some coin off my transportation needs or is this really the deal?

the only other company that I know of up valley is calistoga taxi

Have used Taxi Cabernet but its been a few years.


That has been my experience as well. It’s been a few years since I’ve been at Auberge, but didn’t it used to have a car that could at least take you to St. Helena for dinner? Maybe that was Meadowood…maybe I picked a bad week to quit sniffing glue…

What a hassle… I guess staying in Yountville has its advantages…

indeed. we usually stay at inn at southbridge and walk into st helena every night (or across the street to taylor’s) but this trip we’ve got friends who’ve never been to the valley and they wanted luxury. oh well, we’ll suffer.

Is the $50 quote one way or r/t? (I know it depends on restaurant, etc.)…but roughly what is it? Seems like splitting $50-$75 between 2 couples wouldn’t be a deal killer. I mean, if you were going to pony up for Auberge at $850+(really $1,000 when you factor in breakfast, taxes, etc.) per night, the extra $$ for cabs, (while ridiculous I admit) shouldn’t keep you from staying there and eating in St. Helena or elsewhere. I know you have to draw the line somewhere on price, but splitting even $100 won’t be much as a total percentage of your trip. Southbridge is no slouch, but it’s no Auberge either. Can’t really go wrong either way of course. Enjoy!