Getting from Newark to Grand Central Station - Tips?

Flying into Newark Saturday evening (5:30pm) over Easter weekend and need to get to Grand Central station to meet up with the rest of my family.

I was thinking a cab is probably the best option; any other ideas?


On the Saturday of Easter weekend, I would just take a cab or better yet, a town car service for a few more bucks. The traffic will be light and you can get off your plane, head to the cab line and be at Grand Central in 30 minutes, with any luck. There are train options that will be cheaper, but you will have to wait for trains, change trains, etc. Cab will be quick and low stress. I’m also assuming here that the weather won’t be a factor. If it is snowing or some other severe weather, take the trains.

I frequently use the Olympia Trails bus from EWR to Grand Central. They leave Newark every 15 minutes and drop you a block from Grand Central. I think they’re just about as fast as a cab, although not as exciting. One way is $15, and, if you’re flying Continental, there’s a discount coupon in the in-flight magazine.

For excitement, car jack. Otherwise bus if you want go low end. Otherwise car service if you don’t care. Should be about $75 or so.

Cab. Usually plenty of them. Set rates (Port Authority worker will hand you a fare schedule at the taxi stand).

Isn’t this the point where someone mentions that Grand Central Station is the post office? neener

Car service.

I think you’re referring to Penn Station.

The best, cheapest and relatively fastest way to Grand Central (42nd and Lexington) is to take the shuttle bus (I think it’s Olympia but I could be wrong, follow the signs in EWR’s terminal). It’s about $15 one way or $25 round-trip and ends at 41st and Lexington.

Cabs can be gruesomely expensive ($65+). There’s also the train to Penn Station, but then you have to cab or walk it to Grand Central.

Thanks all! I think we’ll go with the cab option…

Actually, it’s a trick question. The train station is officially Grand Central Terminal. Grand Central Station is the post office nearby.

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Well, what ever it’s technically called, I’m now taking a car service to get there; price was well below $65-$75 so seems like a good deal.

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Car service was brilliant and an easy drive from Newark. JFK? Not so much…