Get sprayed with Loring - SOLD OUT

Loring Wine Company

Known lovingly as ‘Loring Spray’ (lol), I begged, pleaded, and cajoled Brian into offering these for BerserkerDay, as we had the chance to sample them at Hitching Post II with Brian, Cargasacchi, Jen, and my friends. I LOVED these, honestly - more than anything I’ve ever had from Brian, and this is his first go at it! WTF! I’ve already reserved my Loring Spray, and it will go fast, so you better get on it.

"This is an early, “sneak preview” of our first ever sparkling wines :slight_smile: The wines have been sitting en tirage for 18 months and are starting to develop the flavors we’re looking for. They’re very fresh right now, and actually damn tasty! We’ll probably let the wines sit another year or so before we disgorge some portion to release for “real”. We’ll keep some bottles en tirage for much longer - think Loring Œnothèque :slight_smile: - just for fun. What should be of interest is that these wines represent a completely new way of looking at how to make sparkling wine in California. While grapes in Champagne may be truely ripe at 19 brix (IMHO due mostly to latitude) I don’t think we can get nearly the same level of ripeness at those brix levels in California - even in very cold regions. So we decided to pick the fruit “California ripe”, like we do all our fruit. In fact, the base wine we use is the same that goes into our regular Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs - just without seeing any oak. We de-alc the wines down to 11% alcohol before starting the secondary fermentation. So far, we’ve beeen thrilled with the results! "

LORING BUBBLES - TWO PACK - $70 (tax and shipping included)
1 - 750ml Loring Wine Company 2009 Methode Champenoise Brut Blanc de Blancs
1 - 750ml Loring Wine Company 2009 Methode Champenoise Brut Rosé

ONLY 24 of these two-packs will be made available. The first 24 people who post that they’d like the wine will get it. Only one two-pack per person.

NOTE: 75% of the revenue will go to Wine Berserkers! [cheers.gif]

From Brian: Once you’ve been confirmed as one of the first 24, please:

  1. Send me your credit card information (VISA or Mastercard only) to me via FAX at (805) 735-7416 or email at If you send an email, please title it BerserkerDayOffer. You can also mail your CC info or Check to: Loring Wine Company 1034 W. Aviation Drive Lompoc CA 93436.

Spray me Brian. [wow.gif] flirtysmile

I’m in!

I’m in please.

I’ll try…

I’m in… although I don’t know that I want to have Loring’s Spray all over me.

I’d like some!

Yes please; I would definitely like IN on this.


EDIT: Brian, will it be offered in a screw cap? [wink.gif]

Also, if you have our CC info on file from prior orders, can you use that, or do you need it separately?


In please

I’m in.

I want in on this please.

Love some!


me too!

me too !

When you send your information, please include the following:

Your Name
Billing Address (with phone number)
Shipping Address (with phone number)
Email Address
Date of Birth (I know, and sorry to ask, but some states require it)
if sending Credit Card info: CC Number, exp date, and code on back of card


I am in

In! (This sounds worth getting off the lurker bench for)