get ready for fuel surcharges again...

Oil prices continue to rise and gas expected to hit $5/gallon by the summer. I just got my first fuel surcharge explanation for ground shipping 4 bottles about 100 miles = $36 bucks [snort.gif] . thankfully all of my big shipments are in for the season.

I have noticed the shipping mooving on up… [shock.gif]


Heya Tim,

Just for chuckles I looked at local rates from UPS for this, as I get annoyed at shipping charges too and do all the shipping integration / management here at Rhys and know exactly what stuff really costs…

The actual UPS cost for that package is between about $10 and $16 depending on the negotiated rates, just FYI. A 4 bottle shipper costs between $2.50 and $5 depending on how well they shopped. The other $15-$20 is profit, IMHO…

Just some free data if you care since I was bored. Hope all’s well,


Just pumped Regular @ $4.09 about an hour ago. ouch.

you probably shouldn’t move to southern california cause 4.09 is cheap :smiley:

Surcharges on shipping suck, but the one that burns me is the airport valet parking shuttle. They are now charging a $2 each way surcharge for a 1/4 mile ride! $4 for a 1/2 mile.

I bought a Toyota Prius (hybrid) last month. As I drive past the gas station with my 48 mpg car, I give em a wave. [middle-finger.gif]

Be friendly Dan. The oil concession will shake you down at the airport after you park that Prius in the garage.


Geez, that’s what I paid for 10 bottles from California to Virginia, FedEx Ground, arrived yesterday.

You should feel fortunate you don’t drive a diesel. I purchased a more efficient diesel truck in September in order to lower my fuel costs. In that short time the pump price has increased $1.58/gal. Half way to negating my savings. Sooner or later I’ll have to impose a fuel surcharge as well. This is from yesterday: