Germany Suggestions

Just found out that I have to go to Frankfurt next week for a quick business trip. I will have a day to make a few winery visits (on Saturday). Does anyone have any suggestions on some wineries that might be amenable to a visit on such a short notice? I traveled to the region two years ago and had great visits with Schaefer, Selbahc-Oster, Donnhoff and Christoffel Erben / Monchoff.

Thanks much in advance,

The Mosel is 2.5 hours drive from Frankfurt (albeit an easy drive), I would perhaps stick to the closer regions.

I’m afraid I know little about where to visit there though.

Cologne is about great beer halls. But the city also has some very good wine shops where you can often find great French and Italian wines,in addition to the Germanwines, at prices much lower than what you would pay in the US.

The Rheinhessen is closest: Gunderloch in Nackeinheim, Wittmann in Worms, Strub in Nierstein. A little further (but not as far as the Mosel) is the Pfalz: Kohler-Rupprecht in Kallstadt, Darting in Bad Durkheim, Basserman-Jordan in Diedesheim.

The Rheingau is a short journey (well under an hour) from Frankfurt, just as close as the Rheinhessen. If you are coming from the airport, even closer. Have lunch at Schloss Vollrads, maybe explore the famous abbey at Kloster Eberbach. The village of Hattenheim has a number of interesting producers, including Hans Lang, which has a traditional tasting room as well as a “Vinothek” that is open till 2200. Depending on your tastes, you might want to stop at Robert Weil (tasting room). The whole region is an embarassment of riches.

It is even possible to take the train to Hattenheim, which runs every hour or so. Most of the towns are small and easily walkable.

If you’re going to be in Cologne then you really must set aside 1.5 - 2 hours to visit the cathedral in town — imo, it is on par with Notre Dame.

I agree with Brian, but would add that Cologne isn’t that close to Frankfurt.