German Riesling labels

Would you change the German Riesling labeling laws, if given the opportunity? If you would, what change(s) would you make?

One of the difficult things about labeling laws in Germany is that they are in German. The actual labels themselves are quite informative for customers that understand them. You know the grape, the harvest level and many times the village and the vineyard. If you combine the fact that naturally lower alcohol wines tend to be sweeter and higher alcohol drier, then you know quite a lot about what is in the bottle. In other countries you may only know the name of the producer and village and you need to know what grapes are grown there. For the export markets I think one of the reasons Dr. L Riesling is so popular as the label shows the brand, vintage, varietal and taste ( Dry Sticker on the bottle if it is dry) so there is no guesswork. For our single vineyard wines it would be nice to have an informative system that everyone understands, but getting everyone to agree on what that is would be quite difficult.

You mean a classification or simply the information where that vineyard is?

Sounds like he’s referring to a system regarding sweetness, but not sure.