German Producers opinion of RS in finished wine

This is regarding non “dessert wines”.

I know the German wine drinking consumer wants dry wines, but what do the producers think? I have drank with California wine producers who make big extracted wines but prefer elegant burgundies for their own table. Is the situation similar for some producers regarding RS? Do they feel leaving RS in the wine is an unfortunate commercial necessity to sell to the British and American markets? Do you get a sense that they would just assume ferment dry if their customers allowed them to?

(for the record I enjoy RS in German Riesling but also enjoy some dry ones too)

I’m with you Berry; I like both styles (and every gradation among them) as long as they’re balanced.

Most producers drink a dry or just off-dry wine at the end of the day with their home-cooked food. For them, wine drinking is a routine quotidian matter, not any sort of occasion.

Many of them, when they’ve traveled over here and eaten in trendy restaurants, have a moment of revelation at how well their “sweet” wines go with our eclectic cuisines. European haut-cuisine has tended to call for drier wines than ours does, though this is beginning to change.

In Austria I often find myself wishing there were a few “sweet” German wines available for my food when I eat out in a “nice” place.