German Eiswein Label Deciphering Help

Looking for Producer (and hopefully vintage) information on this wine. I know Village + Vineyard is Heppenheimer Stemmler. Photos sent by a friend, not taken by me, which means I can’t decipher what is written in the gold ring around the Mundus Vini label. I’ve also written to Plume Ridge, but might get a quicker response here.

Update. Unfortunately, no help. Monica Yu at Plume Ridge confirmed they used to bring in a wine with this label, but has no records from that long ago. Also, I attempted to fill out an e-form on the shipper’s web site, but it required captcha completion and the site hasn’t upgraded its captcha software. I also looked at the Mundus Vini 2004 results, and the only eisweins to win gold were not from the village-vineyard combination of Heppenheimer Stemmler. My only guess is that this wine is MAYBE from Bergsträße Winzer, a reputable producer in Hessische Bergsträße, where Heppenheim is located. Guessing is may also be pre-2001.

I take it you haven’t pulled the cork. I had an Eiswein ten years or so ago that had some invented brand name (Villa something) but had the real producer’s name on the cork.

Probably this one?

It is listed as Grosses Gold, but otherwise seems to match. Would make it Bergstrasser Winzer as you suspected.

The wine has been sold by Ulrich Langguth. Try to contact there.

Am I wrong in thinking there should have been an AP number on the label?

Maybe not needed if bottled in the US?

Wines bottled in the EU should also state the bottling company (often the producer) for tracability.

I emailed Patrick Langguth prior to seeing this response. No reply yet.

Thanks, Cam. Prior to even posting here looking for assistance, I told the owner I thought it was 2001 Bergsträße Winzer, but the only labels I’ve seen of that wine are much different. Also, the Mundus Vini sticker shows only a gold award in the photo, and not a grosses gold. Hmmmm…

I’ll probably go with my first instinct and this information you provided.

Owned by a friend. I’ll be tasting it April 28.