Geneva, NY Restaurant Reccos

We’ll be doing our annual trip to drop our issue off and Syracuse I’m the next couple of weeks, and will be staying in Geneva, NY for a couple of days on our way back.

I was wondering whether any of our esteemed inmates could recommend restaurants in or near Geneva in addition to the FLX restaurants.


We usually enjoy Kindred Fare.

And FLX Table is top notch if you are looking for wino focused dining.

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Agree on Kindred Fare and FLX Table

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Another vote for FLX Table. We went in June and had a very good time there.


Same in August

If one needed to stay in Syracuse, is there any recommendations?

I have heard good things about this wine bar in Syracuse.

Reach out to Virgil Smaltz for Geneva since he lives there

Dinosaur BBQ? Pastabilities?

In four years of dropping our son off at school, we haven’t found any great restaurants, only serviceable ones in Syracuse Heading back for his graduation in May, so watching . . .

Nice wine list at St. Urban, I appreciate the reply

Pastabilities looks like it could hold me over.

I’m headed from my kids’ visiting day in the Poconos through Binghamton to Syracuse next weekend. Does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants or fun activities?