Galicia, Spain, recommendations?

So I will have a few free days near the Portuguese border in Pontevedra/Galicia, Spain, and was wondering what there was to see, do, and of course eat/drink. Any advice on where to stay would also be appreciated.
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Hmmm… not sure how I feel about sharing a room. Unless the stranger next to me is a lovely woman, I might not be so thrilled. Anything else to do/see/eat/drink in the area?

In general, the area is known for its exceptional shellfish, so be sure and indulge. Considering that the rest of Spain already has exceptional seafood of all kinds, the food in this area should be something special.

Let us know if you chow down.

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Visit the curch of Santiago de Compostela. If you have time for a drive, visit O Ceberero and Finesterre.

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Thanks but I’ve been back for a month. I posted about my trip here:
Random Ramblings on Food and Wine: Search results for galicia" onclick=";return false;

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Perhaps you followed my link in this thread?

HELP for touring in Spain

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