Gaja "on sale" as Chairman's Select through PLCB

PLCB’s Chairman’s Select program has a lot of selection but very few are really good values.
I was a bit surprised to see three Gajas on this month’s upcoming release schedule:

2005 Gaja Sori San Lorenzo ($199)
2005 Gaja Sori Tildin ($199)
2003 Gaja Darmagi Cabernet Sauvignon Piedmont ($99)
2005 Angelo Gaja Costa Russi ($199) (this added 2/5)

I am not a Gaja expert but checking on CT notes they seem like good values - esp for our wonderful monopoly system.

Any advice??

Those are good prices for those wines. But do you like them? That’s a lot of money unless you’re a big fan of his wines.

Good point Ken.

I haven’t had the opportunity to sample any Gaja wines. I do like other wines from that region.

I may try the $99 one.


The Darmagi is Cabernet. He only makes it so that he can price his Barbaresco higher. To me it is one of the most pointless wines in the world. I can guarantee you will be underwhelmed for $100.

If you haven’t heard the story, “Darmagi” means “shame” in Piemontese. It’s what his grandfather said when he saw Angelo planting Cabernet in Nebbiolo land.

Is there no way for you to buy wine outside PA? You can buy a 1982 Gaja Barbaresco from Benchmark for $225 or Rare for $235. That would give you a much better sense of what the great Angelo Gaja is all about. His wines of that age can be majestic.

I have always wanted to try a Gaja wine, but spending $200 on a wine just to see what it is like doesn’t make a lot of sense, especially when you chime in saying that for a similar price better examples are out there. And as far as buying wines outside PA, it is very, very tough. Very few places will agree to ship to PA, and many of those that would ship to PA stopped doing so after that Supreme Court decision a few years back.

I have offsite storage in NY – so, yes, I can order from elsewhere.
Thanks for the great advice.

(See wineberserkers is valuable!!!)

I sincerely apologize if I have done anything to contribute to that. [snort.gif] [berserker.gif]

I don’t think $200+ is a bad price for a wine that old. It would be much harder to find an 82 Bordeaux of that quality for that money. I just can’t see paying that much for new releases.

In any case, if you should find yourself in the Albany area, I would be happy to open one for you. (You too, Ted.)

Thanks for the invite Ken.

On another note - I am just finishing a great book: Barolo by Matthew Frank. Very enjoyable - not so much about the wine but more about his time working as an intern for Sandrone. He spends a lot of time really enjoying the wine and food of the area.

I am reading that now as well. I’m enjoying it, but his writing is a little over the top.

While I have my fair share of expensive wines, I have a hard time thinking 750 ml of anything, costing $199, to be “good value.”


it is tough but there are ways around it … I am in philly and have a property in NJ where I receive the majority of my mailer wine …and for those that don’t ship to NJ, I use a 3rd party connection in CA and they will ship to NJ …I am more than willing to help out anyone in philly, especially on WB

thanks for the invite, Ken, and I am in upstate New York fairly frequently (although come May all of my lifestyle patterns will change forever [winner.gif] ). I agree that it is a good price for such wine. My only area of reserve is paying that much for any bottle without having the slightest clue on whether or not you’ll like it. FOr example, I will pay that much for a Shafer HSS sight unseen knowing that there is a good chance I am going to like it.

“Over the top” is putting it mildly. But it is a fun read. I have driven around Italy a lot - and his description of the back roads with the switchbacks is spot on.

I also just finished Palmento - A Sicilian Wine Odyssey by Bob Camuto. His writing style is much more attuned to most readers’. He also wrote Cork Screwed which was also very good. His style is to visit lots of vineyards and meet a variety of winemakers.

I was trying to be gentle so people didn’t think I was exaggerating, but in reality, he could win one of those contest where they give the prize to the most over-written piece.