Gabriel-Glas, the "One for All" Wine Glass -- Changing the Way We Drink Wine

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Gabriel-Glas is the “One for All” wine glass that is CHANGING THE WAY WE DRINK WINE. It is a “universal” lead-free crystal wine glass of unsurpassed quality. Gabriel-Glas is elegantly shaped with a broader base at the bottom of the bowl of the glass, allowing for more surface- to-air contact, and with a conical shape at the top which is intended to “drive” the bouquet of the wine in the glass.

The “One for All” Gabriel-Glas is made in two qualities, both of lead-free crystal and dishwasher safe:

The Gabriel-Glas “StandArt” glass is machine molded and is wonderfully balanced, durable yet elegant, space saving, economical.

Shaped almost exactly like the molded glass, the Gabriel-Glas “Gold Edition” mouth-blown version is painstakingly blown by master craftsmen. The “lighter than air” Gold Edition glass offers the most discerning wine lovers a sensational wine drinking experience.

Gabriel-Glas also offers a stunning range of lead-free crystal carafes, decanters and bar glasses.

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The Gabriel-Glas Gold is truly almost my ‘only’ glass - I use other stemware only very infrequently, using the Gold probably 90% of the time, for any wine. The decanter is absolutely gorgeous, by the way - bought one last year

These look beautiful. Todd - do you put in the dishwasher? Thanks.

Hi Sherri,

They absolutely can be washed in the dishwasher.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


For those who haven’t seen the decanter…take a look - it’s gorgeous

Thank you, Todd!

Love these glasses

I got a pair of the Gold glasses last year. They’re wonderful!

Anyone have a height on these glasses?