Funny notes from Cellar Tracker

Some of these caught my eye. Feel free to post some other funnies.

2005 Alban Vineyards Pandora
A fantastic wine. Possibly my WOTD. [He] kept reminding me that it wasn’t a traditional grenache profile - doesn’t matter to me! I loved it. There were notes on the nose I’ve never had before. Lots of sweet fruit with a tiny, tiny bit of spicy earth on the nose. I loved it. I got a “no soup for you” postcard from Albam last Fall. Does anyone know how long I’ll have to wait?

2005 Cayuse Grenache God Only Knows
Earthy fruit. Okay, much more traditional than Pandora. Thanks for sharing this.

2000 Nicolas Potel Romanée St. Vivant
I was glad to get a taste of this. Nice, with a lot of fruit, without being crazy jammy. I liked it.
(Crazy jammy? )

ANd now the trifecta:

1989 Château Guiraud
2006 Holdredge Pinot Gris Grace’s Cuvée
1998 Domaine des Baumard Quarts de Chaume
Not for me.

I’m going to post these again just cuz they are so damn funny…

2005 Château Carbonnieux
Well made. Nice restraint, at least initially. Not over-oaked. Consistent with other 2005s. Maybe just a smidgeon hot but nothing that presents a problem. 13.5%. Love that Graves bouquet. Deep ruby morphing into purple at the center of the glass. Perfect match with the sirloin. A decent bargain in the low $30s. I don’t believe I’ve ever had this wine before from any previous vintage but you get the sense this estate rose to higher levels in 2005 because of a) the quality of the vintage and b) attention to quality in the winemaking. I have a couple bottles left in my cellar and I’ll probably buy a couple more. It developed nicely in the glass during dinner. A classy effort. After some initial restraint, it became quite sexy. Tar yummily developing. Lots of tar and asphalt, brings me to the side of the road in Bordeaux, where the lush vinyard meets hot roadside on a sunny midday around September 15th or so. In the end there was a lovely integration of black cherry with restrained elements of wood. Very nice. How to score it? I was initially going to rate it “only” 89 points, but it kept developing beautifully, and I concluded there was no way this was anything less than a 90 pointer. I was going to keep away from the RMP 91 point rating, but, damn it, this is better than 90 points. It’s like, if Tony Perez is in the Hall of Fame, how can Jim Rice not be? Sandy Kaufax is in but not Bert Blyleven? But it’s not a 92-pointer-- it’s no Wade Boggs-- or 93 pointer-- no Tony Gwynn… It’s a nice, solid, 91 pointer, a Ryne Sandberg or Paul Molitor… Robert Parker did it to me again! 91 points it is! He analyzes in sixty seconds of sipping, swirling, and spitting, what takes me five hours of drinking and analyzing to come to the same conclusion. Rating: 91

another one for those who missed it…

From the same guy. He toned this down a little as I remember when he originally posted this…

2005 Château Cap de Faugères

Well now, wasn’t this a sassy little thing. A rollercoaster ride. For a good little Catholic boy like me who has never had this wine, its concentration slaps you in the face unexpectedly, like the local bishop at your third grade confirmation. It being my first experience with Cap de Faugeres from any vintage, I don’t know whether this is the style it always produces, or whether it is because 2005 is the vintage of the millenium? I know AKR has always spoken positively about this wine. The alcohol-- 14.5%-- is huge but, at least initially, reined in. More on that later. It features a deep, dense purple color that turns to deep ruby just before the rim. A beautiful, pure color, actually, with a powerful cassis/lead pencil nose. Early impressions are that this is a steal at the $16 price level currently offered at PJs Wine Warehouse in upper Manhattan. I’ll bet this wine would pull off some upsets in blind tastings against wines of greater breed. I found it a blockbuster, at least at the outset. It may be a bit unbalanced, and who knows whether the high alcohol will overrun it, but right now it is a “fun” drink. Peppery. Just before the tenderloin was cooked it turned really sultry, somewhat volatile. I was shocked by how big and fruity this wine is, it’s not like anything I expected. But, for all I know, that’s the norm for this wine. I can’t believe this wine is going to age gracefully. But damn, it’s so good right now! Monbousquet-like! Warning: This wine is not for everyone. Let’s see how it matches up with dinner… Truly, I must be misreading this wine because I have never seen it described anything close to what I experienced on this night. The wine did tame down with dinner, after an hour or so of air. What had before been Dennis Hopper sucking pure oxygen in some David Lynch scene from the eighties was now transforming to a more PG image of Kathleen Turner in Body Heat, cooling herself in the bathtub, reminiscent of Monbousquet vintage 1999. Parker rates this wine 89-91 points. Don’t you just love it when Parker, or Tanzer, or Burghound give a score of 89-91, or 89-92, or 88-91, etc.? Gee, thanks for nothing guys! I’m going to go out on a limb here: I’m going to rate this wine nine… Well, hold on a minute here… Does this wine deserve 90 points? Or 89? While I ponder that point I’m also amused at how, if I were drinking some 14.5% swill from California that I’d paid $16 for, I’d be left with an incapacitating headache… but with Bordeaux-- even these big modern efforts-- the alcohol just seems to be better masked in general, better framed. In the end, I’m left trying to assess whether the high alcohol in this 2005 Cap de Faugeres becomes too noticeable. It begins to become a little nagging. At one point after the steak the wine takes on a bit of a woody character. It seems to be flirting with disaster, walking a tight rope like the Quinaults and Pavie Decesses and Mmonbousquets of the world, those Parkerized oak bombs that walk the fine line between wood, alcohol, and fruit, everything is fine as long as the components stay in reasonable balance, but if not, then we have a disaster of Great Wallenda Family proportions. Despite the flirtation with disaster, this '05 Cap de Faugeres-- on this night, at least-- and for now, anyway-- survives. The woodiness seems to fade, and we’re left with a nice rich, cassis-infused wine that, especially at the $16 price level, is deserving of a 90 point score. Note to Roberto: This would be a great wine to drink in a virtual live tasting. It finished very strongly. I always tell people who don’t know much about Bordeaux that these are wines that need to be consumed with food-- table wines-- in order to understand all the nuances and complexities, not just wines that you pop and pour while sitting around with your friends in the loft. Well you know what? This 2005 Cap de Faugeres is a wine you can uncork and pour and enjoy very much with your friends while sitting around, no food needed (although some nice cheeses would be delicious with this wine). This wine “works.” Bravo! Rating: 90 points.

I love the ones that are either glowing notes and a super low rating (beautiful fruit, excellent structure, long finish, gorgeous nose - 81 points), or just the opposite (tannic, bitter, no finish, smells of petrol - 94 pts)

2002 Jarvis Winery Lake William (USA, California, Napa Valley)
decanted for 2 hours and probably should have let it go for another hour or two before serving. Gave this 90 points.

2005 Sea Smoke Pinot Noir Botella (USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Rita Hills - Sta. Rita Hills)
Decanted 1 hour. Still too young. It was very tight. Gave this 90 points.

And one of my favorites…

2003 Sean Thackrey Pinot Noir Andromeda Devil’s Gulch Ranch (USA, California, San Francisco Bay, Marin County)
Spielbergundian. All wierdness and difficult to isolate as a strain of Pinot. Let it evolve for another 10 years. It will get interesting. Or something. I like it. I don’t get syrah though. I get stems and that’s ok because he crushed some fruit with them, possibly grapes. I can’t decide if it’s acid that bites on the tongue a bit or the 15.1 alcohol. I’m inclined to say acid because I don’t get any other hint of heat. Most wines cannot outlive high alcohol but I would give this one another 5-10 years before trying again. It will be one thing or the other. Hopefully not the other. Cheers!
2nd night. Utterly undrinkable. Poured down the drain. Having 2nd thoughts about its evolution. Gave this 90 points.

Crazy Jammy = Incredibly Jammy.
GOtta keep up with the lingo!

Love that Thackery note Brian :lol:

I especially like that they “don’t get syrah though” in a pinot noir…

2nd night. Utterly undrinkable. Poured down the drain. Having 2nd thoughts about its evolution. Gave this 90 points.

Um… WTF? 90 points is undrinkable??


I remember reading this one when Jim posted it on his wine board, Bordeaux Wine Enthusiasts (which coincidentally just went live with their new site yesterday!). He has since posted on it at least another 2-3 times and has remained unabashedly positive. But he was in a particularly spirited mood that night!

Maybe they use the 10 point scale starting at 90.
I wish there was a way to clean that stuff up.

You could just ingnore the user if you so choose…

I’m glad, I guess, that my notes were funny to you and caught your eye.

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I enjoy reading this thread except I eventually expect one of my notes to show up. :shock: Of course I expect Rick Smith or Sean Reed to do the honors. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I dare you, publish one of my notes…

(Hint, if you want to make fun of me look for notes referring to steaming piles of horseshit. I actually like a healthy dose of Brett in a Rhone.)

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On a 2006 Carlisle RRV Syrah:

“So Greenblanket is having a bad weekend so far. He overreacted and opened this wine after trying a much anticipated (and well stored) bottle of Betz Syrah that turned out to be garbage. Greenblanket knew it was way to early to open this wine but it was like picking up a quick foul after getting stripped of the ball - he just couldn’t stop himself. It had great aromatics with violets, dark fruit and that intoxicating hot asphalt parking lot syrah thing. The structure is huge with deep concentrated fruit and big tannins that are currently covering up everything else. Very promising but a waste to open at this time.”