FS: Sauternes. '01, '03, '05, '07

Mix and match any way you want as long as you buy 12 of something.

2003 Rieussec. .375L bottles. 12 offered. $25 each - pending
2005 Rieussec. .375L bottles. 3 offered. $30 each
2003 Climens. .75L bottles. 3 offered. $70 each
2007 Climens. .375L bottles. 12 offered. $60 each. Pending.
2001 Suduiraut. .75L bottles. 6 offered. $90 each. Pending.

I bought them new, been sitting in my cellar ever since. I seem to never drink Sauternes, they need a new home. Buyer pays for shipping and owns the risk.

Now only one more lot of 12 to go.

And. We’re done. This is my final Sauternes sale as I’m now down to an amount that makes sense relative to my yearly consumption