FS: Sandlands Carignane and Mataro (Take 10% off all prices)

Looking to part with a good amount of Sandlands Carignane and Mataro. Foolishly went a little too crazy and loaded up quite a bit on the last release. After trying a few bottles I think we’ve realized the only bottle truly in our sweet spot is the Trousseau. At this point in the year I’d probably recommend holding these to ship until cooler weather but I am located in MN and am more than willing to ship wherever. Shipping and associated risks are on the buyer, PayPal F&F preferred and plenty of board references available!

Thanks for looking! PM is best

2015 California Carignane 4 available $35 per (4 sold)
2015 Contra Costa Carignane 5 available $35 per
2014 California Carignane 0 available $32 per (sold)
2014 Contra Costa Carignane 0 available $32 per (both sold)
2015 Contra Costa Mataro 2 available $35 per (2 sold)
2015 Enz Vineyard Mataro 6 available $40 per (3 sold)

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Jake- I am interested in a mix case of these. If they are still available let me know and I will pick out 12 bottles.


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