FS on winebid - German Auction Wines - Schaefer, Emrich Schonleber Auf der Lay, Egon Muller Kabinett and Spatlese

Just a quick note- on Sunday, winebid undertook the final stage of my cellar thinning with a very large selection of Schaefer auction Spatlesen (the Auslesen started a couple of weeks ago and many remain) plus recent vintages of Egon Muller Spatlese and Kabinett Auction and Emrich-Schonleber Auf der Lay. Most of the older vintage stuff was traded privately to friends over the past 12-18 months, but the original quantities were such that there are still some things back to around 1999 I think- but most is from the past 6 vintages.

There are also a few vintages of Wittmann Brunnenhauschen and Morstein GG. The 2021 Brunnenhauschen will be listed in a few weeks when the portion of my NY locker that was cleared out gets to winebid.

Many other interesting things as well- but those are the rarities.

Not sure if I am going to do a big post on Wine Talk yet or not- more a status of the wine journey kind of thing as we all do from time to time- but for wine friends just know I am not leaving the hobby. Rather, I am at a point in life where wine is truly a very occasional thing, and I am sharply focused on a very few things that are of greatest interest to me- with the caveat that anything which has gotten horribly expensive has an almost impossible hurdle to surmount to remain in my cellar.

So I am still around for offlines and such, and will post here on occasion and even call the German Auctions (I am keeping all of my von Schubert and Kerpen wines and still buying new vintages)- but for a variety of very sound reasons I am taking one step back from the wine world in its current state of “evolution” and so I just don’t need to have all that many bottles hanging around.


Thanks for the heads-up Tom, all the best in your wine and life journey!


As someone currently winning some of these lots, was curious who was selling, and nice to know they are coming from a good source.


Thanks for the great response all. Still a number of gems left and a few things that were delayed are now up for the first time- including 2011 and 2014 Willi Schaefer Spatlese Auction.

In a couple of weeks, the bottles from my NY storage will hit- a small selection of 1 offs of things already sold that were up there for planned tastings (2021 Schaefer and Emrich auction wines etc.)

This will be my last post on the subject unless questions arise. Thanks again and hope to see many of you at the occasional NY or Dallas offline (and LA next time I get out that way.)