FS in NYC: Used Liebherr Wine Fridge

Under counter, 40 bottle capacity. Looks exactly like the model I link to below that is currently available. 8 or 9 years old. No operating issues since I have had it. Remodeled the kitchen and found room for a larger fridge.

Probably best if you are a local buyer as these are expensive to ship. Not sure where this should clear, so lets start with 900 bucks and see if we get anywhere. email me at jeffreylewis5@icloud.com if interested. Thanks!

143 people looked at this post and nobody emailed me? You were expecting a lower price? Than make me an offer!! Lets go people! :slight_smile:

Last try…anybody care at 500 bucks!!


Do you know if this has to be installed into a kitchen counter or if it would be a standalone? I’m guessing the former from the pictures, but I’m not familiar with the design.


Is this still available?

I think we may have a deal. Not confirmed. Tony would you take it if it is still available?

The unit is intended to go under counter, but is not unattractive for say, a basement or closet. I wouldnt have it standing out in a room.

Let me know.