FS: Great Mondeuse from Savoie & Loire Bubbles

24, 2016 Nicolas Ferrand Pente (Domaine des Côtes Rousses, Savoie)…$23​ per bottle
"New young winemaker who is producing very interesting biodynamic whites with minerality and reds of pure old world style. Same style as Alice de Moor for example.

2015 Jean Yves Peron (Savoie)
12, Grand Journée…$42​ per bottle
12, Mondeuse Vers…$ 30 per bottle
12, Petite Robe…$ 30​ per bottle
12, Tour Sarrazine…$43 per bottle
“Jean-Yves Péron is a young artisan patiently reviving ancient, almost forgotten vineyards in the French Alps.He works with multiple steeply terraced micro-parcels (2 hectares total) of 115-30 year old Jacqueres and Mondeuse vines, planted to friable mica-schist soils; his oldest parcels were planted in 1893 and have not seen phylloxera.” Cream Wine Company

Michel Autran Vouvray:
72, 2014 Cap à l’ouest Sprarkling…$23 per bottle
18, 2015 Les Enfers Tranquilles…$25​ per bottle
"Autran has 2.5ha in Vouvray and a good friend of Richard Leroy. His still Chenin is pure, dry, mineral, fresh and tonic for 2015, a bit rounded in mouth with beautiful energy. The sparkling is wonderful. Dry, mineral and pure - like champagne - 2 years “sur lattes”

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