FS: Beta and Kinsman Eades

Offering the below Kinsman Eades and Beta wines for sale. All purchased directly from their respective mailing lists and stored in a temperature controlled wine cabinet in my house. I would prefer to sell them as a complete set of each producer and avoid shipping if at all possible due to shipping bits and pieces being a complete nightmare these days. I have no interest in single bottles or trades.

I am more than willing to hand deliver either parcel to DFW/HOU/Austin areas and possibly OKC or San Antonio. Any shipping will be on the purchaser. I do not have any styro shippers in hand, so that would also need to be provided.


3 X 2012 Monticello Cab

3 X 2015 Vare Cab

2 X 2018 Monticello Cab

2 X 2018 Maus Cab

1 X 2018 Hamilton Cab

2 X 2019 Monticello Cab

2 X 2019 Maus Cab

1 X 2019 Hamilton Cab

2 X 2019 Lupina Cab

2 X 2019 Vare Cab

2 X 2019 Placida Chard

Kinsman Eades: All spoken for at this point

3 X 2016 Rhad

3 X 2016 Anjea

3 X 2018 La Voleuse

3 X 2018 Anjea

2 X 2018 Rhad

As for pricing, Beta has very few data points out there. I am asking for my ALL IN COST plus 15%.

For the Kinsman Eades I think meeting in the middle of my ALL IN COST and WS Low is equitable.


Nice price on Kinsman. I’d be a buyer for sure but as I get a pretty healthy allocation from them already, I’d rather spread the love and let somebody else enjoy the wines (in 15-20 years, of course).


Thanks, They went in under 30 minutes.