FS 2019 Allemand Reynard - SOLD

These are SOLD.

Have 2 bottles available. Asking 400 shipped each. WSPro Low is $420 before tax/ship, so not looking go lower than 400.

Standard WB rules apply, buyer responsibile after package dropped off, etc. Cheers!

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Is it?

It was $421 at Astor yesterday, so I’m off by a dollar. My apologies.

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I’m seeing lower—you may have a state filter on.

There is no filter other than USA location.

As of this morning, a new retailer is showing 1 bottle availabile at a lower price before tax and shipping. It wasn’t there yesterday when I looked.

Heard '20 will be Thierry’s last official wine. Interested in seeing how it changes/develops with Theo in charge.