FS: 2018 Ultramarine - Updated

Just received my shipment. 3pk selection of BdN, Bdb and Rose are $425 per (3 available). Also, have extra bottles of Rose (up to 4) and BdB (Up to 2) for $125 per bottle. Prefer to sell locally but will ship.

Lowered prices…$425 per 3pk. Other prices remain the same


Hi Tom,

Would you do (all shipped to 92606):

$750 for 2 x 3 packs


$1400 for all 3 3-packs + 2 rose + 1 BdB

*Edit: I’m in the Bay Area until Sat, so potentially could do a local pickup $1600 for the lot (3 x 3 packs and all 6 singles) and call it a day?


Bump. Still available.


$1600 for the lot Bay Area meet up.


Dennis - no shade intended, but why not do that via PM?

:man_shrugging:t2:just following the suggestion by admins in the sticky to negotiate within the thread.

Fair enough

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I had never seen that advice or seen people do it (except I think by accident, sometimes you think you’re PMing and you’re accidently reply posting, I’ve done that once or twice).

Where does it say that?

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle, @ToddFrench does indeed recommend that:

It is strongly recommended that all negotiation takes place as part of the thread, not by email or private message. Not only will this minimize the possibility of “gazumping” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gazumping ), but it also prevents a dishonest seller negotiating with more than one party without other parties being aware. If you purchase a wine please do make sure the seller posts a “SOLD” notice in the thread as soon as the sale is complete.

I have rarely seen anyone do that, and I think when I have it was usually by accident. Anyway, I stand corrected.


Nor have I but thanks for the offer.

Hi Dennis, how about…

$1600 for all 3 3-packs + 3 rose + 1 BdB


split the difference? $1500 for (3 3-packs + 3 rose + 1 BdB) and let’s do it!

Deal but we need to meet in Napa or Sonoma.

Sold! What?! An excuse to head over to Napa or Sonoma? You twisted my arm :innocent: