FS: 2018/19 Grivot Clos Vougeot 6pk

One full 6pk up for grabs at $1500. Lowest available WS is $1770. These are only getting more pricey. Might also have a 6pk of the 2019 to spare at $1800.

Hi Justin - I would take both 6 packs of 18 and 19?

Sent you an email

Dude, you received my PM and my email. Just say you’re no longer interested so I can move on.

Dude, give him a day?

It’s the holidays and all. What’s the expedited rush?

Are you buying, Bill? neener

Happy new year, all! champagne.gif

I’d say after an email sent, PM that was read and the fact that dude has been active on the board everyday…after five days…someone is looking to back out of an offer. Completely fine but it’s always nice when folks follow up. More and more people backing out of or reneging on deals over the past few years. What happened to common courtesy?

Still want to be “that guy”, right?

Do you have something against Justin…?