FS - 2014 Domaine Romanee Conti. 5 total bottles. 2 - GE, 3 - E.

I have a friend who’s asked me to help sell his 5-bottle allocation of 2014 DRC. He has 2 bottles of Grands Echezeaux and 3 bottles of Echezeaux.

Not grey market, he received this allocation from a store who gets their allocation their US distributor.

My friend is a wine collector, cares about wine, knows how to store wine, the bottles have been properly cared for since he picked them up from the store. And the store also knows about storage, no issues there.

The 5 bottles are pristine, no nicks, etc. I have front and back pictures, also pictures with a flashlight behind to show fill levels (all where they should be, top neck). Happy to send pics to anyone who wants.

The sale is for the package of all 5 bottles, and the drop-off has to happen in NYC.
Physical drop-off, my friend will be in NYC from Friday Oct 19th - Sunday Oct 21st.
Best day for exchange (money for wine) would be Saturday October 20th, but the afternoon-evening of Friday October 19th or the early morning or early evening of Sunday October 21st is also possible.
And if you want the wine shipped, and will take the shipping risk, I’ll ship the wine any time after Friday October 19th.

While my friend is selling this wine, I’ll take responsibility if anything goes wrong.
If you wind up doing a deal with my friend, I’ll also give you my address and telephone number (I live in the NY area).
I’ve lived in the same place for over a decade, I’m easy to find, and I’ve been on this board (and the eRP board before this) going way back.

Here’s the deal:

First PM with a bid of $7,000 gets the wine.
If no bids $7,000, then the highest bid that’s at least over $6,500 gets the wine.
If no one bids at least $6,500 then there’s no sale.

Winner sends at least 20% of the purchase price to my friend as a deposit. Again, if any problem, I’m responsible and I’ll give you my address.

Exchange happens in October. Or, after October 19th I’ll ship and you own the cost and risk.

Thanks for reading.

For pictures, just PM me

The wines are now Sold.

thanks to all who sent PMs…