Frost overnight in Burgundy

Cote de Beaune and Cote de Nuits. Damage seems fairly severe, given postings on Facebook. They’re forecasting perhaps another freeze tonight. Those poor chaps, if it’s not hail, it’s frost! The link is in French:

Poor ??

You seen the price of Burgundy


gives many pictures;

and Alan buy St.Aubin from Lamy or Colin-Morey [cheers.gif] .

Bummer. Hail and frost have not been kind to them in quite a few vintages now. I am surprised not everyone has protection and those that did not have seen the results.

PYCM St. Aubin now sells for $55-75 in the USA. It may be priced better in Switzerland.

It’s horrible of course. In Oregon we had a hail storm on Sunday. Seems most folks dodged it and damage isn’t terrible. Frost is punishing. I was surprised to see in the pictures where there vineyards are at growth-wise. We have foot long shoots in some places. Did not realize how far ahead of them we are at this point.

I was there yesterday and it was really cold, it doesn’t surprise me but really a shame as all vines had buds coming out. Apparently they can’t have a normal volume anymore in the last years, if it is not hail it is frost preventing them to have a solid volume.

Is there any chance the vines can still continue growing and carry grapes or is this a dead end street?

The last frost date for Dijon is typically April 11 - 20. Unusually cold this year, yes. Calamitous based on historic frost records? Guess prices will be going up…again.


Apparently Switzerland, and in particular the Valais is going to get hammered tonight and Friday. My champagned producer friends are traveling and they are worried as well.

IIRC the weather in Burgundy has always been cool (certainly cooler than your part of Oregon) and uncertain, but this seems a bit out of the ordinary.

It hailed/snowed here in south-east England yesterday, so it doesn’t surprise me that things were similarly grim across the channel.

Heard it wiped out many plots completely, like DRC’s Montrachet…

Surely with the price attached to even village wines these days they can implement some form of frost protection? Maybe I am naive and they are already using wind machines and sprinklers.

What percentage of wineries in the US have some form of frost protection?

Yep, pretty bad. Our Beaune and Savigny are at least 50%, up to perhaps 80%+. Meursault & Auxey very bad. Yet again the North seems to get off lightly. God, it seems, prefers his Côte de Nuits!

Who pays for the wind machine when there are 8 growers who will benefit, who gives up their land/vines to put one in?

The last two years aside Burgundy almost always harvest before Oregon.

Well our shoot growth in Oregon seems off the charts this year. In general there’s frost danger here until Mother’s Day. Seems like there’s some frost damage somewhere here most years, isolated situations rather than the devastation it looks like France is experiencing. Burgundy, champagne, Loire. Yikes.

Burgundy hit by ‘worst frost since 1981’