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So that Dave stops emailing me every 12 seconds, I’ll post his offer! [snort.gif] (kidding! It’s only like twice a day, but…)

Kaella Winery


I am happy to have a special offer for BerserkerDay IV and hope to introduce fellow Wineberserkers to the wines of Kaella Winery.

We are offering 3 Packs of our wines, on sale for this event at 20% discount, plus free shipping.

The wines being offered are our 3 newly released red wines from the 2010 Vintage. We have made available 3 packs of each wine, plus a mixed 3 pack that includes 1 of each.

2010 Meritage, Conner Lee Vineyard, Columbia Valley - $72/3 pack
2010 Sangiovese, Ciel du Cheval, Red Mountain - $60/3 pack
2010 Syrah, Ciel du Cheval, Red Mountain - $84/3 pack
2010 Mixed 3 pack, 1 each. - $72

Special 3 Packs can be purchased online directly from our website. Click on the Purchase link at:

About the vintage

2010 was a challenging vintage that began causing winemakers and growers considerable concern, but ended up leaving us very pleased.

A cooler than normal Spring was how the season started, and that trend continued into early Summer. Ripening was slow, yet steady. Temperatures in all areas of Washington growing regions were well below normal.
Finally, a greatly welcomed Indian Summer came along in late September through October which helped grapes achieve ripening, although later than normal.

In the end, the worry and concerns were gone as the prolonged growing season resulted in longer hang time and great flavor development on the vines.

About the Wines

Our 2010 Meritage is a blend of 56% Cabernet Sauvignon, 33% Merlot, 11% Cabernet Franc, all from Conner Lee Vineyard in Othello, Washington. This wine is already winning awards. It made a sneak-peek public debut last week, ahead of our official release at Wine World’s Cabernet Classic event
and judges awarded it 3rd Place winner in the Red Blend category. This
wine delivers intoxicating aromas of raspberry, dark red cherry and milk chocolate. On the palate it has great balance with fine rounded tannins
and leaves you with a pleasant smooth finish. 75 cases produced. 20
months barrel aging, 100% used French oak. $30

For all you Syrah lovers out there, you are going to enjoy our 2010 Syrah, from Ciel du Cheval Vineyard on Red Mountain. We once again co-fermented with 3% whole cluster Viognier and with this vintage we also included about 10% of whole cluster Syrah. This is a big bold Syrah, with a seductive nose of dark violet floral notes that the Viognier brings, along with big meaty, dark plum and smoky spicy goodness of the Syrah. It is plush and full on the palate with rich elements of dark fruits and a supple yet
powerful structure. 20 months barrel aging, 100% used French oak 75
cases produced. $35

Our 2010 Sangiovese, from Ciel du Cheval Vineyard on Red Mountain. This special wine was done in an unusual style. I’ve always enjoyed trying unique wines and that has carried over into my winemaking style, where I like to experiment with different techniques in the winery. What I did with this wine is that after pressing our Rosé, I took the pressed skins and added them back into the bins of the Sangiovese. So what took place was a ‘double skin’ fermentation, similar to the Italian ‘Ripasso’ sytle.
The daily punchdowns were difficult, but the results turned out to be worth it. What resulted is a wine with massive structure, depth and complexity.
The color alone is astonishing, quite deep and dark. The wine is full of dark red fruit that explodes from the glass with additional aromatics of pepper and spice. There is a great backbone of tannin, and tremendous acidity, which are the hallmarks of a wine with great aging potential. 75 cases produced. 20 months barrel aging, 100% used French oak $25

Dave Butner
Owner & Winemaker
Kaella Winery

Got 2 mixed 3 packs! Thanks, Dave!

Dave’s a great guy who just happens to make some good juice too. I would be all over this if I didn’t already have a case of the wines! Can’t wait for the 2012 rosé to come out.
Still a mystery how he got this picture here but there’s not a better one to haveé

Wow that is wild…

Mixed 3 pack sounds great. I’m really interested in trying the Sangiovese. Are we out of luck getting this wine shipped to Texas?

Just love Dave’s wines! Thank you for the nice offer!

Thank you. Still lots left and sorry to say cant ship to TX.

Dave makes some good wine…just don’t friend him on facebook…man is that guy long winded :wink:

same boat as Sheila. thanks Dave!!

Finally in on this vintage. Thanks, Dave!

Did Anyone mention that Kaella was featured in the Seattle Times Sunday wine section, as a Critic’s choice this week from our local writer Paul Greggutt?

P Hickner

what a bunch of shills.
winestein, how come the FS isn’t being applied when I try to check out.
what is going on?
where’s the toivo emoticom when you need it??


Thanks to everyone for the orders! We are extending this to BERSERKER WEEK and taking orders through the end of this week.

Pete, not sure why…all the orders I have so far have 0 shipping.

Worked like a charm tonight Dave. Cheers.

man i resisted so hard… and now it got extended i caved… 2 - 3packs ordered…
can’t wait to try!

Thanks so much for the orders everyone, I really appreciate the opportunity to get this great exposure.

This is last call for this offer. I will be closing it down this evening. For those who placed orders, I will be contacting you shortly via email to discuss shipping options.

Glad it lasted this long Dave…even slackers like me can still take advantage of a great deal…

Another late adopter in under the wire. [wow.gif]

I got my mixed 3 pack Tues, very quick. CT notes suggest I wait awhile to sample.

The meritage can drink young… i’d wait a while for the Sangio…