Friends, freebies, and standards


Having read many of your blog posts, tweets, and articles, it’s clear that you’ve made some high-wattage friends in the world of wine, music, and entertainment. (Not that we’re jealous!) Of course, that leads to some tantalizing opportunities when it comes to travel and dining and wine.

Wine Spectator has well known and strict standards against freebies. What standards have you set for yourself, now that you’re on your own? How do you make sure you’re not compromising journalistic integrity if, say, you’re opening thousands of dollars worth of wine with an important producer?

I imagine it’s difficult, and the opportunities are many.

Hi Evan

I pay my way on vineyard and tasting trips if that is what you mean. I feel tasting old bottles to see how they are evolving is part of my job; so it’s good to taste the wines with collectors and winemakers alike.

Being independent as a wine critic is important for me and