Friday Poll time, $1000 to spend

How much is a Jero of Cristal nowadays?

Oh, then that’s much easier…and different. I would search for an old Bordeaux or Burgundy sourced from “the Mecca”.

Funny you say that, he arrived tonight from college.

I just got a text from him at airport. Wife in Miami.

Nick: “Um, dad, aren’t you picking me up”

Dad: “oops”

Nick: “Guess you don’t love me”

Dad: “I’m working to pay for your expensive ass and mom’s country club”

Nick: “I’m taking Uber, Linked to your card”

Dad: “cool, see you in 30”.

True. Leaving office now…

Ancient Madeira. Supplies are seriously drying up on the island. Buy now as I’m guessing prices will double in the next 5-10 years.

I figured I’d get a older second growth and go for a bigger bottle. [training.gif]

I actually had something somewhat similar to this happen to me when I retired from my law firm a year and a half ago and the firm gave me a gift certificate to MacArthur Liquors for a retirement present. I bought 2005 Montrose, 2014 Mission Haut Brion, and 2016 Pichon Lalande. I had not bought Bordeaux in a while and decided this was a good opportunity to get some.

A close friend of mine, a partner, left the firm to go to the state court bench. We gave him a nice going away party, and I used firm cash to get him a 6-pack of 2005 Classified Growths. I know he appreciated it, especially as he was taking a yuuuge pay cut, lol. Since then, I bring the wine when we go to dinners with the spouses. Very proud of him.

Very nice.

Sad day when you look over a list and realize $1k doesn’t buy you GC Burg or FG BDX worth a damn, but could get a killer Champagne.

Almost picked GC Burg, but then I realized it’s Alan’s money and not mine. Selection made: First Growth. Make mine '82 Mouton Rothschild.

Ghost Horse

I have a soft spot for Penfold’s Grange and if somebody else is paying for it I might get a bottle with some age.

I don’t see the “case of Bud, hooker and an 8-ball” option?

Well, inflation sucks.

If you can’t find either for well under $1k (particularly great GC Burgs), you’re not trying [wow.gif]

19th century Angelica.

A case of Scherrer zin and about 250 tacos.

I think you misunderstand, I can get an epic Champagne but likely an off vintage GC Burg or BDX First. The value on the list of options lies in Champagne.

Sorry, but there are dozens of GC burgs in good vintages you could buy for much, much less than $1000. Maybe not the top 5 “names”, but outstanding producers nevertheless.

I put down champagne as well but I hope you make your margaritas with Tequila or Mezcal not Vodka.