Friday Poll time, $1000 to spend

What would you buy ?

  • Grand Cru Burgundy
  • Other Burgundy
  • First growth Bdx
  • Other Bdx
  • Rhone
  • Vintage Bubbly
  • Napa Cult cab
  • Other US wine
  • Penfold Grange
  • High end Italian
  • High end German
  • Other wine
  • Pappy van Winkle or other Bourbon
  • Single Malt Scotch
  • Cognac

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OK, poll time, the rules
You have $1000 to spend on one bottle, you cant split, cant share it as part of tasting, cant combine with anyone else, cant do anything except splurge on one single bottle of alcohol for your enjoyment no other way except one bottle that you are going to sit down and enjoy. What would you buy and why ?

For me it would be a Scotch, just the best bang for the buck

Some really nice vintage champers.

Well, its hard to find champagne at the $1000 price point, but it probably be a single bottle of Bollingers vielles vignes francaises. Some vintages are still under that price point.

Flawed poll, no option for Brett Fevre.

I looked at the options for a while, then checked my wine purchasing for the past year, and had to go with vintage champers too

I was really hoping you’d say 100 handles of vodka for the world’s biggest margarita.

Champagne is the answer for me, too.

I voted for Bourbon; but in reality, I’d go to my favorite wine store (Grapes in White Plains) and have a long sit down with Daniel Posner.


I chose FG Bordeaux.

And I’m not thinking new releases. You can easily find mature, excellent bottles of FGs from classic vintages for $1000 or less. And that would include Ausone and Cheval Blanc.

My second choice would be Rhone. Thinking Verset or an older Jamet, Allemand SS. These are more unique purchases than the FG Bordeaux, but I think they also come at higher risk of underperforming and/or bottle variation. My hit rate with well-stored, mature Bordeaux is really high. And it always hits the spot.

Torn between first growth and Pappy V

Wish the poll had differentiated between Northern Rhone (probably my first choice) and Southern Rhone (close to my last choice).

1990 or 2000 Chateau Margaux.

Burgundy, if I could only find it at retail

Taking the spirit of the OP, I looked for a GC burgundy I wanted to try. $2600. Eek. OK, 1990 Margaux. $1600. 1990 Latour? Score! - $890. 1990 Krug Clos du Mesnil $1600. I chose FG Bordeaux. [cheers.gif]

Burgundy is dead at retail

That’s what I hear. So sad.

I’d take 1986 Mouton over 1990 Latour. And it can be found for $1k or less.

Rhone , Vintage Champagne, FG Bordeaux

I wish the OP would let us drink our bottles together so we could compare! [cheers.gif]