Friday night pizza TNs: two Fontallori ;^)

Still quite clenched on the palate - at least from Felsina, 2004 has got to be the slowest maturing vintage in recent memory. I do love the potential here, though. One of those rare vintages where I think the Fontalloro will give the Rancia a run for it’s money.

  • 2007 Fattoria di Fèlsina Berardenga Fontalloro - Italy, Tuscany, Toscana IGT (3/17/2017)
    Darker in color than the 2004 (in fact, almost opaque at the core); the nose here is more evolved than the 2004, with red & black fruits and an earthiness as well.

Clearly from a riper vintage, this is fairly accessible and maybe a little lacking in acidity (probably exacerbated by following a glass of the “classic” 2004). This is good, and my wife preferred it to the edgier 2004 tonight, but in the long run, my money is on the 2004.

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The few times I have tasted the Fontalloro I found a tad modern (cf Felsina).

Bob, perhaps on your recommendation I’ve had a few bottles of 04 Fontalloro recently (IIR, a closeout at $30/btl). It’s a lovely wine, and becomes a bit more silky on day 2 and some tobacco notes that I associate with maturing sangio fruit. I think its starting to get into a pretty good place. In contrast, a 99 I had recently is far more

+1 There’s considerable value and quality lower on the totem pole (although I guess technically, the Rancia is equal or higher?).

And thanks for the TNs Bob. Always enjoy your multi-bottle explorations.


I think Felsina would say that the Rancia and Fontalloro are comparable from a qualitative standpoint, but I almost always prefer the rusticity of the Rancia to the “polish” of the Fontalloro. Or said another way, Rancia is an annual purchase for me, but Fontalloro is more an occasional, “when the mood strikes me” buy (and I would add that the CCR is also an annual purchase as well).

Henry, I will get a day 2 look at the '04 tonight, with a little pasta [cheers.gif] .

Bob, I had my first and only bottle of Fontalloro a few months ago. It was an 07. I found it a bit ripe and modern for my tastes, but I was also getting over a cold at the time and I wasn’t enjoying wine much in general. Is the 07 typical of Fontalloro, or are vintages like 01, 04 and 06 significantly different?

Well, the '04 has been very slow to mature across the Felsina spectrum - CCR, Rancia and Fontalloro (I can’t recall trying the CC).

I just think the Rancia vineyard tends to produce more rustic wines - no clue as to whether that is due to elevation, age of the vines or some other factor, but as far as I know the elevage for Rancia and Fontalloro are the same.