Friday afternoon TNs: Chianti x 3, part two

So I’m “prepping” for a Produttori tasting tomorrow with several Board denizens, and I thought I would “stay focused” by checking out a few wines made a little further south of Piemonte ;^)

Similar in color to the Castellare; great nose here, with smoked meats, an earthy note, red & black fruits.

Nicely integrated on the palate, but today this doesn’t have the energy/lift of the Castellare. This is a more complex wine, but it fails to follow through on the palate after enticing you with that great nose. I liked the wine better last night than I do today.

A darker translucent ruby in the glass; ripe cherry fruit on the nose.

Seamless on the palate, good acidity, ripe red fruit and good persistence. Very likable right now, albeit not overly complex.

Nicely expansive on the palate, with adequate acidity and a mix of red & black fruits. Nice finish. This is more full-bodied & rustic than the Castellare, but both are a pleasure to drink right now.

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I’m smiling at the use of the term ‘rustic’ for the Bucerchiale, for that seems very much typical for the wine, and very much not a bad thing IMO.

Atta boy! Pizza night? Ann and I are walking around Kennett tonight for an art stroll. I am going to try and talk her into bringing “go cups” with the 07 Felsina CCR. I think I have about a 50-50 chance of getting her approval.