Fresh terrine of foie gras.....any experience?

I’m thinking about making this for Christmas and I’ve played with foie lotsa times but never done a terrine. It looks really simple which worries me.

Seems like it only involves deveining the liver, seasoning it, and putting it into a terrine and poaching it. Am I missing something?

No…but I recommend that you roll it into a log in cheese cloth, tightly… and then poach in Sauternes…

I had read that, but I had also considered black truffle shavings…

You can also roll it in cheesecloth and cure it a few days encased in salt.

Water bath @ 170F. Shoot for internal temp of 150F and cool as quickly as possible. I’ve poached in a vacuum pouch and also baked it in brioche.

What time is dinner?


150F internal seems kind of high.
Both Ariane Daguin and her father recommend 115-120 and I’ve even seen recipes that call for chilling when the IT reaches 100F.

I think I would tend to lean towards the former.

My technique comes from The Professional Charcuterie Series. All the terrine recipes I have tried from the series have been very successful although I have never tried the low temperatures you cite. At 150F followed by rapid cooling, the proteins in the liver have denatured, but the fat has not liquified. I would think that the difference in texture between these two techniques would be dramatic.