Fresh Morel Source?

Last month’s Saveur did a feature article on Morels. No source listed RANT OVER

So since foraging is not an option for me, where are east coast people getting their shrooms?

I have had good experiences with Earthy Delights (
And my local farmer’s markets when morels are available.

Mark–Which farmer’s markets? Since Don at Eastern Market retired last year I am looking for new local mushroom sources.

I’ll second Earthy as a great source for many things.

Oregon Mushrooms: Seize your potential | LocaliQ

I used to deal with Earthy, then had a very bad experience with them last year. Morels arrived moldy. I spoke with a customer service rep a few times (not a totally easy process) and was finally told to send pictures to the person who would deal with the issue. I sent them and never heard another word, despite following up twice. Will not deal with them again.

Oregon Mushrooms is a good company, and I can second Bob’s recommendation.

how much you want? worth me taking a day off fishing and go for a hike for $38 a pound, Yikes!

Besides a farmer’s market you might try your local grocery store. A lot of stores, chains and independents, have people who forage them and sell to the stores. It can be a back room type of deal. Totally legal and they’ll run them through the register but you have go through the product manager. Or perhaps the store manager. If you have a local gourmet food shop w/ a produce dept. or aggressive independent they might be able to source them, too. My store has been selling them for about a week.

They do not ship very well. We’ve tried it with some success but it pretty much has to be over-night. Adding that to the already high price of the morels makes it horribly pricey.

But there is nothing like them when you get them that fresh! We got two pounds of blonds (rare) this year which had been picked the same morning they were shipped, and they were incredible.

I have seen them at Oakland County, inside, but very rarely and in small quantities.

I saw them often when I spent many of my weekends in Traverse City the past few years.

My best shot at that around here would be the Wegmans in Woodbridge and they can’t even handle plum tomatoes correctly.

Eataly has them.

Jim. Saw these at Colasanto’s in Milford this weekend, if you ever get out this way.

Fresh-direct has had morels for a bit. We’ve had them a few times, they seemed pretty good and reasonably priced. I’m not exactly sure how they get them so cheaply.

Just pick’d up some nice…Yellow’s @ OreganMushroom

Not cheap/ but this is the season to entertain

We have a new booth at the local Farmer’s Market specializing in mushrooms and other foraged foods (sassafras, ramps, etc).

I had never cooked fresh morels rather than dried before. Amazing.

A sauteed porcini last night was also great. Arnold is a convert. He told me “okay, you can make this again.”