French Laundry Lobster Mac and Cheese

Stage one:
Lobster Stock:
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Updates Later.

I’m thinking a 2005 Arcadian Chardonnay Sleepy Hollow may meet its doom tonight with this dish.

I like what’s going down here Dennis. Keep us posted.

Good God. That broth. [notworthy.gif]

I’m thinking that would be a fantastic match. Unless you also have a Windy Oaks Chard… :slight_smile:

My WO Chards are not here yet.
May go with a Hansel and let the Arc sit, it could stand it.
The stock reduced, cream was added.
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It is now a creamy lobster broth that tastes like it came from heaven itself.
More later [cheers.gif]

Brewer-Clifton Sweeney Canyon Chard always seems to pair well with lobster dishes.

This looks stupendous. [good.gif]
Let me know the outcome.
Wished you had one of those 1999 Sleepys for this. They are right in that wheelhouse.
(Actually I wished I still had some 1999 Sleepy Chards)

Thanks, Don. I wish I loaded up back when there was time for doing such
A '99 would be killer tonight.
Hope you are well.

Didn’t get the greatest shot of the Mac and Cheese, but it was heavenly.
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The orzo simmered in the lobster broth with some chives and mascarpone… [swoon.gif]
It was really rich and delicious. The 2006 Bjornstadt Chardonnay Ritchie Vyd is a nice little Chard. Crisp and clean; not a lot of oak. It was a good match, not earth-shaking, but good.
Cheers all.

Looks VERY tasty!

That looked delicious!

Thanks guys. This was pretty amazing.

I’m gonna have to give this a shot this Summer…looks amazing!