FREE wines at dinner

Imagine you are invited for dinner, and your host
let’s you select a bottle from his cellar:

a) Chateau Mouton-Rothschild 2005
b) Pegau Da Capo 2000
c) Mugneret-Gibourg NSG Vignes Rondes 2002

  1. an even more generous host:
    A) Chateau Lafleur 2005
    B) Chateau Rayas 2005
    C) Mugneret- Gibourg Clos Vougeot 2005

What would you chose 1) and 2) - and why?

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I’d defer to them as they likely have a better idea than me which would be open / likely to work with the food.

  1. Mugneret-Gibourg NSG Vignes Rondes 2002

Because the 2005 Mouton is way too young, it is the CDP or burg for me. I much prefer burgundy over CDP. great vintage and top maker, so the Mugneret-Gibourg NSG Vignes Rondes 2002 should be ready to go.

  1. 2005 Ch Rayas

I would think that the 2005 Lafleur is almoast certainly way too young. The 2005 Rayas is stunning and a world class bottle of wine. The 2005 MG Clos Vougeot probably also needs more time


1A and 2B simply because I’ve had neither of them and they pique my interest the most.


I’ve never had a Da Capo, an my last name is Lefler, so Lafleur it is.


Depends on the food. If there was no meal involved I’d be 1C, 2B

Let’s open all three.


I think Ernie Banks said that.

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Not close. M-G!

For me, 1C and 2A. I’ve had 2000 Pegau Capo and don’t love it (I think the Reservée is better), the Mouton is too young, and I’ve had the M-G and it is incredible. For the options under 2, I’ve never had a Lafleur, though the 2005 Rayas is amazing.

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I’m not sure about option 1 and would defer to the host, however, I’d definitely select the Rayas!


I’m hoping this is not purely hypothetical, and you’ve been lucky enough to encounter such generous hosts! Let us know what happened.


1C and 2B

But I’d ask about Champagne options. :see_no_evil:

a) and A)

Way too young, but I am a BordeauxWineEnthusiast.

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Oh hi TomHill

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It IS hypothetical, but all quoted wines are in my cellar, so absolutely possible.
However, Champagne is usually at the beginning

That’s a funny reason :smile:

Pleasedon’t, ridicule, TomHill.

1C and 2B.

2005 Rayas was my WOTY in 22, what an experience!

As others have noted, Mouton may be too young and the Rayas should be more interesting alongside M-G, plus it makes for a more versatile dinner pairing.